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    Hello ,
    I am a RPN from Ontario Canada ,moved to Texas 5 years ago and Texas did not accept my Nursing license. So I applied via New York State ,(it took almost 2 years to have all my credientials verified)
    Passed the NCLEX-PN Excam May 3rd and got my license MAY I want to change my New York License to Texas ,so I can finnally practice in Texas.
    Now here is my Question :
    Has anyone out there done this before . I went to the Texas Vocational Nurses website downloaded the endorsement application ,but it looks like I again have to send ALLL MY original Information from Canada ,going directly to CANADA.
    I was wondering if Texas Does not accept NEW YORK LPN License..
    Calling the LVN BOARD is like pulling teeth rings busy all the time...

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    It's ALWAYS busy....and if you do get through, look forward to an hour or more of wait time. Sorry I couldn't help more. Maybe you could try emailing them??
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    Any state, for endorsement, wants to know about the original training of the nurse. It is their responsibility to make sure that your educational requirements meet their standards. Just look at an application from another state for endorsement and you will see the same thing.
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    No one of the TEXAS BOARD of vocational Nurses has an email posted ..
    Here is my question to anyone that maybe tried to get a license in Texas...
    there is 7 requierments for Texas licensure ..I have all of them exept I do NOT have enough basic Nursing hours requiered ,but that is because I took my nursing in 1979 and I am sure the requierements for a LVN in Texas were diffrent then too.But I have 20 years of Vocational nursing expierience...does that count???????
    As I said before I have a RPN valid license from Ontario Canada and I have also a valid license from NEW YORK STATE USA as a License practical Nurse ..I have passed the NCLEX-PN excam ...
    Or can they not use special concideration ...
    I HAVE PASSED THE NCLEX after all...If they originally deny me a license can I appeal anywhere ??????
    WELL... you all I have send in all papers requiered ..I keep you posted ..meanwhile PLEASE ANY RPN /LPN/LVN has expierenced something like this.
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    Yes, Texas has the right not to accept your schooling or lack of hours in a certain area. Do what nurses do from other countries do that wish to work in the US and do not have enough enough hours: go get them.
    The laws just state that you have an appropriate number of hours in an approved program. If you don't, just get them.

    By the way, you have just received your NY license, you don't have any work experience as a nurse in the US to stand up for you. There are just some rules that have to be followed. There is only one nursing exam now, but each state has its own board of nursing and they can set up what ever type of limitations or restrictions that they please. Endorsement rules state that you have met at least the minimum hours of training as set forth by the state where you want the license from.

    If you look at their regs, it isn't open for appeal. And if it was, it would take so long that you will be much further ahead by just completing the class.
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    I guess from one state to another it does not matter if you pass the exam or not ...and it does not matter if you have a license from another state ONLY MATTERS IF YOU HAVE USA expierience...
    may I just clarify that CANADA has VERY HIGH standarts of NURSING PRACTICE ....
    Yes I can go get more hours ,but first I would have to take the whole Nursing course over again ..its not that I am NOT capable of doing so but circumstances do not allow me to take off and go back to school ..full or part time...
    well I guess I wait who knows maybe New York will join the compact state ...but one more thing why would NEW YORK accept my nursing qualifications and not Texas...
    and why would Texas endorse New York licenses from US trained nurses and not from foreign trained nurses ..if they qualified in New york and passed the NCLEX exam...
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    It doesn't matter which country you graduated from, it matters how many clinical hours that you had. You also trained twenty years ago, curriculums change. If you would have gotten an American license back then, you would have no problem now because you would have several years experience as an American RN. Each state is permitted to make their own rules. Such as who required CGFNS and who doesn't........You can get a California RN license, but if you do not have at least two years experience in the US, Illinois will not give you an endorsed license. They require CGFNS but will waive it with two years actual work experience in the US.

    I would contact the Texas BON and ask them if you can just take a certain number of clinical hours or just one sememster of clinicals to meet their requirements.
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    :angryfire its extremly hard to contact the board in one has an email listed ...and via phone is an impossibel task ..I even tried a complaint line...which is automated
    well I am sending off my papers ..maybe I am anyways jumping the gun ...maybe "compartable' means not exact but similar..
    I was just HOPING anyone out there did it before me..
    and maybe knew something I did not know or give me some pointers...
    Maybe it does count a lot passing the NCLEX...isn't it the same for the whole of USA???????
    Maybe it counts having a license in another state since apparently the licensure requierements are similar in New York TEXAS....
    I am just wondering ...because I was told that Texas usually accepts NEW YORK license and gives endorsements for it ...
    WELL LETS SEE ...all I can do is WAIT AND HOPE AND THEN KNOW ...when I get the answer ..
    SURE was HOPING someone out there has done it before me.........
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    i did my nclex-pn in 93'....i haven't worked in over 8 years as a nurse. what i did was a refresher program at a large hosptial here in tx and am FINALLY going to be able to do my clincals next week - 80 hours precepted.

    as far as getting ahold of the bon....when you call and it is right back. might take 10-12 times. when it rings and you get a recording that says..."all lines busy, please try your call again later"...don't hang up. if you wait, it will put you on hold and eventually you will get a human being...ask for Brandy in endorsements...she has helped me a great deal during a frustrating trek through more beaurocratic crap than i can shake a stick at. keep your cool and kiss their booties, play it sweet and patient and they WILL help you. if you need anymore info just pm me...good luck, I feel you sista,

    your partner in frustration-
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    ps if you have a NY license I wouldn't sweat it....they have changed the required hours since my licensure as well. i haven't had a problem with that piece of the puzzle. getting the FL BON to send all my info, well that's a different story....

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