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hello, has anyone received there letter of admission for the ADN program at lee college for the fall semester of 2012?... Read More

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    Most of the students are filing grievances and getting legal counsel. Some are speaking with the dean. Just know that it's a very rigorous programs, slightly unorganized.....but there are so great teaxhers like Imez, babes, Rogers, sprave, and mcdaniel. Besides quizzes and test, you have papers every semesters, workbook assignments(VCE) group presentation and etc. just study everyday and now if you already got your books. I'm sure if you already know what your first course is going to be, you should be able to search lee college website for the an old syllabus.

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    thank you for the info. well i do not have my books yet since we are not allowed to buy them until the 13th of this month. i am just not felling all this in some way i want to go to another school but then that is a semester lost. ugh!! i wish i would have known this before. so overall what would you give the program? like rate from 100-0. do you know why the school made all this changes?
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    “it is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.”
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    Hi - I have been reading everything and I was wondering what the final outcome of the testing/graduation issue was? I will be able to apply for the Spring and I am not to happy to see that this all went on.....
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    Sorry for the delayed response. The school lawyer has gotten involved....along with the hired attorneys for the nurses. Im not what sure what got them to re-look the whole matter, but they have sinced offered the students who were completely kicked out another chance to re-test. The other students who were on their final strike were given the option to take a remediation class (the same class some of the other students took this summer which was a joke and partically a self-study course at the expense of the students at a whooping cost of$600) an retest. Some are testing this friday. I will keep you posted.
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    I wont be recommending anyone to the program, so if I had to rate it....a zero seems appropriate. That's just my take on it. Dont get me wrong, you can pass this program as long as you stay ahead and prepare for the worst that is yet to come. Just know that you cant solely rely on their word on anything. They will change things at the last minute. Good luck and I wish you well.
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    @precise.....well said......prepartion is the key to everything.
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    Just for your info and for all the folks that read this blog. this school is horrible, it is unorganized, some professors change there mind when they want to about assignments and what to include in them. deadlines are changed when ever they want to they do not try to help you, there is no specific teacher that teaches. you get stuck with different teacher each day and you do not even know who it will be. horrible horrrible horrible!!!!!! i would suggest for you to do A LOT of research and ask around to those students that are in the program. they will tell you what they think about it. i was in the program and i dropped the program before taking my two finals. yes, two finals which they do not tell you what to study!!! they go by 8 weeks so you will have one semester split in 2.
    we started the semester with 85 students now they have less then 45 students. people dropped like crazy bc they realized that we did not have a team to relly you are by yourself in all this!!!!!!
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    I agree with making_1989...I would not advise anyone at all to attend this school. You are by yourself through the whole thing, you pay them to teach you nothing. They basically robbed all of us for our money. They were not willing to teach, it's like they were all watching out what they tell us and teach us. Please just go the hard route of taking the entrance exam at other colleges. Do not attempt to go the short cut of getting into a program that requires no entrance exam.
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    Good luck to all of those who are striving towards their RN, I am in the ADN program at Lee College and I graguate in May 2013. It is not easy,,, doing 3 years of BSN level work in 2years wh an ADN. Continue to strive towards BSN as most hospitals are going magnet status. Blessings to all!

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