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  1. Hey, I am going to Lamar University in fall 2011 and I am interested in majoring in nursing. Does anyone know anything about it? It it hard to get into to? courses? professors?
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  4. by   docomo
    - It will be an absolute nightmare. The #1 lesson I have learned since being in nursing school is, that nursing instructors (most of them) are lazy lazy lazy. Translation= disorganization, confusion, crappy test, poor teaching, instructors are wrong so often that they have a "no challenge policy" in place. (meaning that even when exam questions are 100% wrong as a flat fact, which is often, students have no recourse to have the questions thrown out or reviewed by a 3rd party.

    No sugar coating here, that is exactly what you will deal with on a daily basis at Lamar. I can't speak for other schools. On the plus side, people that do survive Lamar nursing, tend to do very well on NCLEX. The statistics for schools are published online. IMO, that's only because you have to be hungry and work your butt off to hang in at Lamar. at least 50% or more won't make it to graduation.
    Personally, I think Lamar uses the "sink or swim" style of teaching and weeding; Aiken to Darwin's theory of natural selection. Only the strong willed survive these kind of programs that don't offer any support, don't utilize peer review methodologies to ensure quality classroom teaching and testing, and don't demand the best from their instructors. Oh, I could give you 100's of examples of crazy events that have occurred during my stay there... but my therapist says its best if I just suppress suppress suppress!!! haha

    The #1 reason not to go to Lamar would be that your GPA will drop every year. Many of the courses give out very few A's and some courses NO A's. Even the top students are usually stuck with a B. Which is bad if you want to go into a Master's program.
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    are you still in the program? were/are you in the BSN program? I'll be starting this Fall. Any tips or advice for a new nursing student?

  6. by   docomo
    I'm done with the program. tips? yes! buy or download nclex 4000 software... also the pentagon reviewer for nclex (probably its on 1st sem is hard, 2nd harder. get a good study partner, 2 people is best. be aware that half you class will fail out of the program. only the people who are willing to study lots of hours and go to class will make it. Most important, print powerpoints from the classes and take good notes during class. be organized. study your instructors to learn how they think... those are the people writing your test questions. (also, they have this thing called the learning center. stay away! its a total waste of time. The person that runs it gives all her good material to her pets. everyone else she gives garbage material.)
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  7. by   Ambien
    I 2nd docomo. Lamar is probably the worst program you can go to. Instructors are inept at teaching, borderline prejudice, demeaning and don't really care about students' performance except on the superficial. Facility is a tiny, old building without a study space except a lunch break room. To walk out from that place with the degree you gotta be good at making adjustment and have high discipline/tolerance to lot of BS they put up. Graduated in '11.
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    Can someone tell me how to prepare for the program? I am getting nervous because I hear bad stuff about the programs. THANKS!
  9. by   DixieGrace
    I know a lot of LVNs that did the online program - bridge from LVN to RN. They cannot seem to pass NCLEX Rn because they had a lousy foundation. They have taken it over 3 times and still not passing. I would suggest that you enroll in a better and more organized program. Good luck.