kingwood college lvn-adn evening program

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    Can anyone give me some info. what hours do you go what days, clinical hours. Etc.
    When is the app. deadline. when they start. their website was kind of grime..

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    I've applied for the Spring 08 and should hear sometime in November. Kingwood offers the evening program in Spring semesters only and the deadline is always on a Friday in mid September. For this program I've heard you attend classes about 2-3 nights per week and do a 12 hour (6am-6pm) clinical on Saturdays. Don't know if it will increase during the 2nd year.
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    Well, I'm waiting to hear from Kingwood, too! Let me know when you hear something:spin:! If you don't mind me asking- what were your points?
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    I applied to Kingwood knowing I would not get in. I applied just as a preparation for the next application period when I will have all pre-req's complete (except for speech) I wanted to feel comfortable with the application process. Anyways, what I am getting at is that I already received my denial letter....about a month ago, so maybe no news is good news for you!
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    I applied with an 11.448 to Kingwood only. Some of my support classes were completed during my undergrad years...over 15 years ago and I was not in the mood to repeat them so I took a chance and applied anyway. We should be hearing something in the coming weeks I'm also applying to TWU's Accelerated Bachelor's program for Summer 08 and maybe UT Austin's Entry Level Master's. Is this the only school you applied to?
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    Yeah for now- I applied with a 11.489. If I don't get in we'll see. My grades are pretty good overall(3.90 gpa) I might go for my MBN somewhere instead. If you hear anything let me know! They said the first week of of November so it should be soon
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    I'm still waiting too! It should be any day now! Did yall apply to both Kingwood and Cy-Fair?
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    no, I only applied to Kingwood because I heard alot of negative things about Cy- Fair's program. I'm going crazy with anticipation though! What was your score?
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    Quote from Addersmom
    no, I only applied to Kingwood because I heard alot of negative things about Cy- Fair's program. I'm going crazy with anticipation though! What was your score?
    Something in the 11.4 range, I don't remember the exact points. That appears to be about what everyone had who made it in last year (from old posts) so hopefully we will all make it in! Also when I turned in my application they said they got approved for the day program so they will accept 60 instead of 30 this year. I wonder how the day program will be set up? Do you think it will still be 2 lectures and 1 lab per week? Would you prefer day or night? I am checking the mail like crazy even though I know it will probably be a few days! This is pure torture! I also applied to Cy-Fair just in case, but kingwood is definately my 1st choice. And its literally like 2 minutes from my house, whereas for Cy Fair I would have to drive across town everyday. I work over here by Cy-Fair but I'm taking a CNA class right now to get a job on my side of town because I'm sick of the driving everyday!
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    Have ya'll heard anything? I got my letter on Saturday! Now it;s deciding which days to attend, and all the other stuff they need.

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