I'm Accepted!

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    Hey everyone I just joined the AllNurses group and got my acceptance letter in the mail to start Health Assessment and Foundations Fall 2011. Is anyone from the Texas area? I am attending the University of Mary Hardin Baylor school of Nursing. Wish me luck!
    God bless
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    WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!
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    Congrats and Best Wishes throughout the program!!!!!!
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    Congratulations! Wonderful school with a great reputation.
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    Thanks everyone! I appreciate it. I have the first introduction orientation next Monday, I am so excited and my heart is pounding for it!
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    Congrats!! I really wish I could attend UMHB. I am active duty AF and our program wont allow us to go there because its too expensive...I tried everything though!! But AF said no.. But best of luck in the program. I understand its one of the best!!
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    Congrats and good luck!!!
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    Hey i applied to UMHB for the Spring 2012 and praying that i get in was it hard to get in? How are the classes going for you? Good luck!
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    Hey Classes are great. It definitely gets you in the flow of all that nursing is (Learning a new language basically) haha. But I can't argue with them at all. I'm excited you are applying to be in next spring! You will love it. Where are you from? As of getting in, I am a guy so it was a little bit easier for me, but what is your GPA like? Have you started your application yet?