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    Hey all i am a fall 2012 applicant, i have taken all classes and will be taking pharm in the spring 2012 session. Lets support each other in this process!!
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    Hey Saraiish, I am also a fall 2012 applicant for the ADN program. I take the TEAS V in two weeks. I'm hoping to turn in my application once the school opens again in January so I can approved for registration for RNSG 1301 for the Spring 2012 semester. I'm so excited about starting this process!
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    hey!, you have the option of taking it in spring or summer. i applied to 3 BSN programs as well, hope that goes well, my mom is a hcc RN alum and she really wants me to go there
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    Really? I didn't know that...I was just worried about having it done before the summer. Especially because I know they start making their decisions around June/July, I've been scouring these boards for months lol. And which schools are you applying for BSNs? That's my next step after completing my ADN. I'm also applying to LVN program at HCC, Lonestar, San Jac and the ADN at San Jac. I'm determined I will be in somebody's nursing program by Fall 2012. And that would be cool if you got accepted at HCC being that your Mom is an alum and all.
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    yep its an option, i was going to take it this summer but i ended up not taking it, your chances of getting into hcc are high, they got this huge grant to expan their nursing program so they have a lot more seats, and the min gpa is 2.5, but i think you should be around 2,75 or more
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    Well that's good to hear, I've been looking at the posts of past applicants it made me nervous because they made it appear like you had to have 3.5 or higher, but if there's going to more seats yay us....And as far as the gpa....I just recalculated mine but I'm hoping for at least a 2.9 before I apply. I just hope its good enough.
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    Yep. My GPA is a 3.37 and the councillor said as long as I pass pharm. And its final math test with a 90 as required I have no probu
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    I've been hearing that too....I guess pharmacology is what makes or breaks people. I talked to one counselor at Coleman and she basically told me not to stress out to just take the classes that I could (I still need micro, a&pII and life span) and apply...How was the TEAS V? Was it difficult?
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    Used. My hesitate scores because of the time frame I took it. The teas v is a lot more difficult that the hesitate but not so bad
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    Hi guys,
    I am also applying for Fall 2012, and should be taking the Teas V test soon, and yeah i recently went to and info session and they said they are taking up 180 studens now.

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