Houston Childcare for night shift??? HELP :((

  1. Are there any respectable childcare options for night shift in Houston? I live in the Cypress area and will be working night shift in the Medical center. I need someone to watch my kids and I dont really have any friends or relatives in the area... does anyone have any suggestions. I don't really want a stranger I don't know in my home... I don't go to church so I cant ask anyone from there. Help
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    The only 24 hr day that I am familiar with is Whiz Kids. They have 2 locations now. One is closer to the willowbrook mall area near 1960 & Perry. The other is down Hwy 6 right past West Little York. I used to go to the 1960 location when my mom worked overnight and i didn't have any problems there. My younger cousin now attends the one off Hwy 6 on a drop in basis. The building isn't super fancy because it has been around for some years, but the owner's were very friendly and I always felt safe. I wouldn't suggest it for children less than 5 though simply because the majority of the children there are a little older. Hope everything works out
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    Thank you, I will check it out
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