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  1. RNQueen

    RN salary a Texas Children's Hospital

    It took 4 years. And it's day. 34 on day will be around 38 at night. I think you get 2 dollars more if you charge.
  2. RNQueen

    RN salary a Texas Children's Hospital

    Started at 24.50 as a new grad, next 26, then 28, then 31, now at 34. Plus you can work overtime till you drop. I will pay to decode that code but looks like no one knows it. Benefits are great and most of us looks satisfied with our jobs.
  3. RNQueen

    Pay Raise After Nursing Residency?

    Great comments I must say. I appreciate what you all said. If money is all I cared about I won't even start this thread. To the person that talked about cutting back to pay student loans I will say I am bone dry. There's nothing to cut. I don't even live up to my means. It is a great advice btw, it just doesn't apply to me. While I may not know what I'm going to encounter in a new workplace, I am not afraid of whatever that may be as well. One's success or failure in any situation depends on her positive character and outlook, and I've got plenty of both. The only holdback is that I love, love working here. I may stay put for a year but if our neighboring hospitals keep wooing me and our management insists on salary freeze...I will continue to love them but from across the street.
  4. RNQueen

    Pay Raise After Nursing Residency?

    For one thing, I am happy to se members of my profession showing integrity and some loyalty. I may stay for a few months more just because it's the right thing to do, but I don't see myself letting potential 15k per year extra go by because I want to stay with an employer that hasn't demonstrated enough that they want to keep me. I started the thread yesterday because I just got a notification from fin aid that my first bill should be in the mail pretty soon. I had much hope on the raise we're supposed to get but sure it's not coming this year, and may not come next year. I am a little desperate. 24.50 after taxes isn't just my idea of RN paycheck. I will let you guys know my decision later. thanks for the replies.
  5. RNQueen

    Pay Raise After Nursing Residency?

    How soon after completing nursing residency did you get a pay raise? We were paid 24.50 through our residency period which is soon about to end and I just got an offer from another hospital that I equally like for 4.50 more. The problem is that we have been told that there will not be salary increase this year and probably next because of the economy yada yada. But I really want to stay at my current job because they gave me a chance as a new grad and trained me so much. It will be good if they get return on their investment but 24.50 after residency is too small from my viewpoint, and 29.00 at this time is too sweet to pass up. I have a few days to make up my mind.
  6. Such services exist but I wouldn't follow a lead from Craigslist, other than to buy a booster seat for my daughter. Run!! You can look for similar jobs on indeed.com. That will be more reliable.
  7. RNQueen

    My job search experience as a new grad in Houston

    Thank you! Thank you! Well said!
  8. RNQueen

    Houston Childcare for night shift??? HELP :((

    Try searching using this link: http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/Child_Care/Search_Texas_Child_Care/ppFacilitySearchDayCare.asp
  9. RNQueen

    Texas Children's New Hospital

    It will not open until Fall 2011 so expect hiring activities around April/May 2011. If it interests you, the TCH West campus on I-10 and Barker Cypress is opening in 2/3 months. They will have lots of job opportunities in a few weeks. There is internal posting of over 100 jobs this week. The ones that didn't get filled by transfer will be open to the piblic in a matter of weeks.
  10. RNQueen

    how do i become a dialysis nurse

    DaVita hires new grads. I don't know how competitive it is to get in but a friend got in and didn't know anybody. I don't know the disadvantanges of being a dialysis nurse but I know it pays really well. You get big bucks when you work on the side at doctors' offices.
  11. RNQueen

    I'm an RN who would work for Free

    I will say this for what it's worth. If you're an RN it means you spent at least two years in a nursing school, had at least four 6-week clinicals in a variety of settings, met some charge nurses, nurse managers, directors of nursing. It means you have friends who are nurses, alumni of your school who are nurses, instructors who are nurses. It means you are an individual who advocates for nursing and promote the profession. If your attitude is not the worst around, and you applied yourself (not just tagging along) while in nursing school, you will get a job within two months of graduation! It may not be your dream job, but it will be a nice launchpad. In a class of about 75, the only person I know without an offer as at now is the only person who everyone is afraid of. S/he really isn't bad but definitely not a team player, and has a tough, mean look all the time, and very difficult to work with. When I ran into 'em the other day and heard their story I was moved to give some contacts but I think about how those people will feel when they see this demeanor...I just wished 'em luck and left. Do you know how many in my class feel the same way? Attitude, laziness and a feeling that you can do some hours for free (even tho' this is the profession with most shortage in the US) are just a few reasons why some don't have a job. Don't forget, nursing is a profession, like law, medicine, pharmacy, not a just degree like economics, chemistry etc.
  12. RNQueen

    Memorial Hermann is planning on unpaid GN intersnship

    I don't know of any profession that won't pay you something after you have the license to practice. The liability on their part will just be too great and the money they pay you makes you a lot liable too. It is easy to work unpaid while in school because you're still a student, your school instructor is mostly around, your school has a contract with the hospital, and you're NOT licensed. Everything is stacked against you working autonomously. But not as a licensed RN ladies! Stand up for your profession! People get jobs even without an application on file! It's NETWORKING. Great work ethics, good demeanor, and networking. There are nursing jobs out there. Knowing the value of your profession is part nursing and in my opinion, if you think nursing is getting to the point of licensed RNs working for free for a while - even for Mayo Clinic or Johns Hopkins - you probably shouldn't be a nurse in the first place.
  13. RNQueen

    Memorial Hermann is planning on unpaid GN intersnship

    ltcf, and she was confirmed only after passing the board exam. but at least the fact that they gave her the position right out of school says something. in another facility last year a bew rn got the don position just a few months after licensure. granted, she had been with the facility for a long time before then. but to get back on topic, why would anyone take unpaid labor when there are other, sometimes better, opportunities?
  14. RNQueen

    Memorial Hermann is planning on unpaid GN intersnship

    Someone is nuts at MH. Just because they got so many applications for their internship does not mean anything, other than new grads just applying everywhere. At least six of my classmates got jobs at Clear Lake Regional before our finals, one at Ben Taub, one was made a supervisor before taking the board. I got two offers already. Who cares about an unpaid internship with no job guarantee afterwards?
  15. RNQueen

    New grad starting salary- St-Luke's houston, TX

    Texas Children's pay 24.50 for their GN internship. Nightshift differential is 4.50. There is weekend differential which I will tell you later. You have to work seven 12-hr shifts in two weeks, four in week 1, three in week 2. Parking is free at a remote lot at Greenbriar and Braeswood. Nightshifters get to park for free near the hospital. Benefits are comparable to that of any great company. I got a nursing home offer for 27 dollars but I choose TCH because it's more aligned with my future goals. Just to let you know, I got the two jobs through high-powered networking;). Make good attitude a part of yourself and network! There's no limit to what you can get.