1. So, I see all of these posts regarding the new grad market in Houston being so terrible, but what about nurses with experience, but not much? My husband's group is being transferred to Houston from West TX sometime between July-September, at this point I will have approximately 1 year of ICU experience. I have spent the evening researching available jobs and see they can have anywhere from 1-3 years of experience listed as the minimum requirement.

    Some Information about me:
    -I am currently enrolled in an RN-BSN and will be finished in December of this year (a couple of months after I actually move)
    -I have ACLS and PALS
    -Will have my CCRN
    -Completed a Versant RN Residency Program
    -Various volunteer work around the community, as well as teach classes to new Versant Residents coming to the hospital

    Would any of this allow me to be a competitive applicant and at least score an interview with any hospitals in the area? I know it hurts me that I will not actually have my BSN at the point of application and that I only have 1 year of ICU experience.

    Any comments, tips, or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much
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  3. by   Kdrenee
    yaa know, so many people say Houston has a tough job market, but I have not seen that living here. I have so many friends (GNs) who have found jobs in the medical center and other places right off the bat. I am not a nurse yet, I start my program in May, but I just recently finished a CNA program and have not had a single problem getting a PCA job in a hospital with absolutely no experience at all.

    I don't think your ADN will hurt you terribly since you seem to be very accomplished, and are in a BSN program. When I was in orientation for my PCA job, there were 5 nurses in it with me, and 3 out of the 5 had their ADN.

    Just remember Houston and the Houston "area" is very big. There is more our there than the medical center. Apply everywhere for every posistion regardless of the "years of experience" they ask for! There are very many rural area hospitals on the out skirts of Houston that are more likely to hire since everyone seems to want a job in the med center.

    I really don't think you will have a problem.
    Good luck and welcome to Houston!
  4. by   HouTx
    You shouldn't have any problem landing a job with your experience/expertise. Houston is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the US and population growth is driving all other services, including healthcare. I would suggest focusing your job search outside The Medical Center... it's just a difficult location from a logistical standpoint. Enormous amounts of traffic, employees have to pay to park in off-site lots & ride shuttle buses to work - etc. All of the major players in TMC (Methodist, St. Lukes, Memorial-Hermann) have outlying tertiary hospitals and these are much more 'user-friendly' places to work.

    I would wait to look for jobs until you figure out where you are going to be living... that's the best way to avoid ending up with a killer commute - LOL. There are a lot of housing options in any area of the H metro area. If you have kids, you may want to decide based on school district. If you are planning on buying a house, be sure to work with a well-established Realtor who can educate you about all the 'unique' issues associated with living in Houston. You'll need an expert advocate to help you understand MUDs, Flood Maps, Evacuation Zones, HOA regulations, etc. I love H-town! Don't want to live any where else. I hope you enjoy it also.
  5. by   RNICUTX
    Thank you both so much for your input!

    I believe we are currently looking in three different areas, mainly looking at the commute to my husbands office. I will just work in whichever hospital is the closest by and meets my requirements. We are looking into the Woodlands, Cypress, and Katy.
    We have known since he started with the company we would eventually be in Houston and I always thought I wanted to work in The Medical Center, but I have quickly realized that it just isn't worth it and I'm not really too interested in it any longer.

    We are really excited to get to Houston since it is where we plan on planting our roots, but the move came a lot quicker than we were expecting. We were just moved to Midland, TX from Oklahoma 7 months ago. Our realtor couldn't believe it when I told her we were already ready to talk about putting our new house back on the market.

    We are headed down in March to look at areas and get more information about where the ideal location for us would be. Not having the stress of finding a job would make this a lot more enjoyable. My fear is that I will have to go for a position outside of the ICU due to only having one year under my belt. That would be truly devastating for me since my passion is the ICU.

    Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center was looking appealing since we were leaning towards Cypress, but I believe it was one of the hospitals that listed 2-3 years of experience for their ICU positions.

    Once again, thank you so much for your input. It is greatly appreciated!
  6. by   mboc
    I think with your credentials and experience, you should have no problem finding a job. The GN market here is difficult d/t the major hospitals only acquiring new grads 2/3 times a year and training them all at once. Good luck and welcome.
  7. by   RNICUTX
    Thanks for your reply. I have started researching different places and have been contacted by a recruiter from memorial hermann. They are definitely my top choice at this time. I hate not being able to apply for any positions yet. I just get to sit here and stress about whether or not I will get any interviews, while not being able to do anything about it until our move date gets closer.
  8. by   kguill975
    I live in Cypress, and it's a good location. North Cypress Medical Center, Cy-Fair, Methodist Willowbrook, and St. Luke's Vintage are all really close to each other. Closer to Katy are Memorial Hermann Memorial City, Memorial Hermann Katy, Methodist West, and Christus St. Catherine. There are plenty of places in that area to apply. Good Luck!
  9. by   RNICUTX
    Thank you kguill975. I want to work in or around Cypress or Katy since we decided we will be living in Katy. I'm hoping my 1 year of experience will be enough to get on it an ICU in one of these locations
  10. by   fjellerup
    may I ask what I could expect as pay as a pca in the med center? I have a few years experience and do blood, and I want to know what to ask.
  11. by   Kdrenee
    Quote from fjellerup
    may I ask what I could expect as pay as a pca in the med center? I have a few years experience and do blood, and I want to know what to ask.
    Hi sorry it took me so long, I did not see your post until now.

    Of the jobs offers I received in the med center, the highest paying was 11.50 an hour. I would say between 9-12 an hr is probably normal.
  12. by   GucciBeaR143
    I've lived in HOU all my life. Not just near the Med Center, but Spring Branch/Memorial City area, Sugar Land, Pear Land, and even Cypress ~ which I love the most because of the demographics, no flooding, & trees/space. Mind you, I commuted to the Medical Center for school and even work. I'm familiar either by working or clinicals at The Methodist Hospital (med center/ Sugar Land / Willowbrook), Hermann Hospital (med center & Memorial), Texas Children's Hosp and Harris County Hosp (Ben Taub & LBJ).

    HOUSTON is big and you're in the right place to get as much experience as you can. I wish I didn't have to relocate, but I could go back to the Med Center, I would!!!! I already miss the Southern hospitality, food, & people. Commute is a b*tch... I wouldn't even say that if I didn't live it every day I worked and on my days off. Remember, if you work in the Med Center, you have to take classes/inservices in your hosp; so, factor in another day of driving thru traffic, even if you work nights, which I did a lot. You can park & ride conveniently if you lived in Sugar Land. Otherwise, get a 1000-1800 shift, which I had once.

    The Woodlands & Katy area is booming too...

    Really, any of the hospitals in HOU is a "good place to work" as long as you find that specialty/unit you fall in love with.
  13. by   SNB1014
    Quote from fjellerup
    may I ask what I could expect as pay as a pca in the med center? I have a few years experience and do blood, and I want to know what to ask.

    I worked at an Houston area hca facility my last yr in nursing school as a prn nurse "intern" aka tech/nurse assistant and got paid $12/hr.
  14. by   Kdrenee
    Quote from SNB1014

    I worked at an Houston area hca facility my last yr in nursing school as a prn nurse "intern" aka tech/nurse assistant and got paid $12/hr.
    What?!! Which HCA facility if you don't mind me asking? I had a job offer with an HCA hospital (kingwood med) and it only paid $9 and hour!