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Home health pay per visit rate in DFW area

  1. 0 I posted this in the home health section but there is a suggestion that I ask this here. I just received a RN HH job offer in the DFW area for $30 per visit with mileage included. According to my understanding, there will be no admission assessments or recerts, I'm just supposed to visit pts once a week, and I can pick any day of the week. I already have a full time job, so this is just an extra thing. I'm just wondering if that rate is too low? This is my first time doing hh, I have one year experience on the floor so far, so I really don't know much about hh rates.

    Thanks for your input.
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    I did a shadowing day for HH in nursing school, liked it a lot actually. My preceptor told me he was getting $40 a visit and the goal was to get "6 points" or so a day. A routine visit would be one point, an assessment would be worth 2 points, etc. This was in the DFW area. I'm glad you chose HH, it seems really relaxing and none of the politics of being a floor nurse. Hope it helps!
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    In general, that rate would be pretty good for an LVN. RNs are normally paid more.
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    the pay at $30.00 pretty standard right now if they offer mileage. If they do not a visit is usually around $35.00 to $40.00. But if you found someone offering you mileage take it. Most do not.
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    In Houston, the fee for service rate is $40/visit for RN's with mileage at my HH agency. $70 for admissions, $70 for re-certs, and $70 for post-hospitals. I know this isn't Dallas, just FYI.