Hesi A2 test scores for UT Health Science Center

  1. Hi, I am applying for UT health science center and was wondering what people have scored on their Hesi A2 exam..?, so I can see what the approximate average score is....

    Mine was
    1) Reading Comprehension: 86.96

    2) Meaning-Word Use: 100

    3) Conclusions: 100

    4) Implications: 91.67

    5) Understanding: 75

    6) Grammar: 94

    7) Vocabulary & General Knowledge: 90
    English Language composite Score: 90.32

    8) Biology: 84

    9) Chemistry: 100

    10) Anatomy & Physiology: 96
    Science Composite Score: 93.33

    11) Math: 100
    Cumulative Score: 92.99

    Critical Thinking Score: 820
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  3. by   Noel1221
    Those are Fantastic Scores!! Congrats
  4. by   trishajlee
    thank you.
    i just hope it gets me in...
  5. by   emeraldjade
    Your applying for the UT-Houston School of Nursing?
    I'm doing the same--havent taken my HESI test yet but I plan on taking it JulY?

    How was it? And what study guides did you use?
  6. by   SerenePeach
    Did you find the Anatomy and Physiology section difficult? That's the section that worries me the most. Also, was there a calculator provided for the math section?
  7. by   trishajlee
    well the test gave an allotted time of 4 hours total (so you can spend the 4 hours however you want, meaning if you take less time in math or another subject, you can take more time on other sections)

    for me, my friend borrowed a hesi prep book from the library.

    anyways... i ended up looking over that book literally the afternoon b4 the test day... (no lie!) i was actually really surprised with the grade i received. the book really did help though - specially with conversions of pints, quarts, etc... the questions for all the science sections were pretty general. there was also some chem equations where you had to add the weight of the compound or saying that you had 8 moles of a compound on the reactant side and wanted to know how much moles you would have on the product side, etc.
    I also had acid base question, diffusion, cell membrane composition, anatomical division of the body, question on a valve in the heart, etc... overall it was pretty general....

    the only fill in the blank i can recall is from the math section (probably only 4 questions). btw, you do get a calculator (not physical) and 2 dry erase boards and 2 dry erase markers.
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  8. by   onmyway83
    First congrats on your great scores!!! I see that you took the chemistry section, it's not required though right?!? At the info session and on the website it does not state the chemistry or physics sections, so I'm just needing clarification...lol...

    How long did it take you to get your results through mail or email?
  9. by   trishajlee
    Well, for me, I'm not sure if Chemistry was required or not. I just went to the UT Health Science center school of nursing website and sent an email to exameligibility@elsevier.com saying my name, address, etc. and also that I needed to take
    "The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Nursing RN Admission Assessment (A2) with Critical Thinking"

    So then I registered for my test on the website after they gave me confirmation. When I took the test on the scheduled test day, it had those sections on it, so i assume that they were ALL required... but im not sure since i did not attend an information session.....

    and i have not yet received my results by email. The results were given directly after I finish though. i was even able to print it out at the testing center.
  10. by   morgansbeadco
    Did you say that you were able to use a calculator? Did you think the practice test in the back of the study guide was helpful?
  11. by   trishajlee
    yes you do get a calculator, but at the testing center i took mine at, it was a calculator on the computer.

    and i dont think the book I used had a study guide, although it did give a few sample questions.

    o and, onmyway83: when i said ALL of them were required, i meant only the ones I took meaning, chem, anatomy and physiology, biology, grammar, reading, vocab, math, and critical thinking of course.
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  12. by   Allisonkate334
    THose are great scores! Do you by any chance have the name of te study guide you used?
  13. by   stayfocus
    Congrats on your Hesi scores, you did wonderful. Best wishes to you!
  14. by   trishajlee

    and actually i do not have the title of the book i used... but my friend got it from the library... and i dont think it had a practice test in it...?