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Hi Everyone, I'll be applying for HCC Spring 2012. I was intending on taking my prerequisites in the Fall, but I've decided to knock out A&P II and Micro this summer to avoid any complications in the application process. I'm... Read More

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    Quote from hopeful_2013

    I just passed Pharmacology with Mrs. Mosqueda and got a B in the class. To answer your question, yes, you have to make a 90% or above on the Math Test to get into the program. Don't worry, they show you everything you need to know and they have a tutor to help you out. Do NOT shoot yourself in the foot and leave the studying for the math test for the last minute. As soon as you start the class, you will be given A LOT of busy work to complete. Do yourself a favor and complete everything that is assigned to you. Those grades just might save you from failing the course with a D.

    If you have any other questions, please, feel free to ask.

    Good luck!

    But you can't pick the section with the professor that you want because none of the sections have a specific professor, they all say staff. What campus did you take it at?
    Also,do you have to get an A in the course or just the math portion of the exam to go on?

    Thanks for your quick responses!

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    You can't choose your teacher on purpose. You have to make at least a C in class and a 90% or above to pass and get accepted. I took Pharmacology at the Katy Campus.

    Good luck!
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    I just read that your Pharmacology class met twice a week?!?! Are you serious?? My schedule only says Monday evenings. Is there something that I'm missing?? Please tell me that's not going to change when class starts.
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    If anyone is interested in the Skyscape Nursing Constellation Plus app, I have a link that I am happy to share that brings it down from the original price of 209.00 to the sale price of 179.95 down to 155.00. It's a great app with TONS of useful information for both clinicals and coursework. If you interested just PM me and I will send you the link.
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    CareAngel, I believe all classes will meet one day a week this semester.
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    I hope you're right MC93. :uhoh21: I'm working full-time right now, and I don't plan to ditch this job until I'm officially in the program. I don't know if I can afford twice a week, although if I have to, I will.
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    No way we meet twice a week. It would have been indicated on the schedule when we signed up for RNSG 1301. The schedule says we meet once a week depending on what times you choose.
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    Where's everyone buying books for RNSG 1301??? I haven't checked out Central Campus for prices but I'll head down there this week.
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    Thanks for the tip. I think I'm gonna have to wait on that right now. It sounds like a good deal, but I don't think I can afford it at this time. I'll keep it in mind.
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    Quote from CareAngel
    Thanks for the tip. I think I'm gonna have to wait on that right now. It sounds like a good deal, but I don't think I can afford it at this time. I'll keep it in mind.
    I completely understand!! Keep my user name handy and if you decide to do it after loans and grants arrive just PM me, the link (according to who gave it to me), is good for awhile still--if nothing else it is at least worth a try versus paying full price!

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