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Hi Everyone, I'll be applying for HCC Spring 2012. I was intending on taking my prerequisites in the Fall, but I've decided to knock out A&P II and Micro this summer to avoid any complications in... Read More

  1. by   CareAngel
    Well I just checked my schedule again to make sure, and it seems that this class is only on Monday. I'm sure if something changes they'll let us know in orientation. It not that I don't want it, I just hate not knowing the unknown.
  2. by   fauxlivia
    Quote from CareAngel
    Hopeful_2013, fauxlivia,
    Thank you so very much for the information. Its very intimidating when you say that half the class dropped the course.
    You shouldn't feel intimidated, those that did not succeed in the class did not take it seriously, it is not a difficult course as long as you put some effort into it. The people that wait until the night before to cram are the ones that failed or dropped. I didn't mean to make it sound intimidating, you'll do fine!
    Quote from careangel
    thank you so very much for the information. its very intimidating when you say that half the class dropped the course.
    reminds me of my api/ii classes. more than half of the people dropped by mid-semester, by the time finals came around only the diehard nursing students were left.
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  4. by   saraiish
    hey guys someone please resopond, i recently decided to apply, i have completed everything but finishing intermediate algebra and failed the clep college thant by one ponit can i still apply if i am taking intermediate in the fall?
    Application is closed for Spring 2012.
  6. by   saraiish
    i heard its reopened till sept 1
    Really, if thats the case you should definitely apply.
  8. by   saraiish
    i am just worried about the math issue, i am taking it this fall
  9. by   CareAngel
    @Saraiish, I don't understand what you are asking about Intermediate Algebra....did you take it and fail it and then take the CLEP and fail that too?? Please Clarify.
    From what I understand you have to complete and pass Intermediate Algebra (MATH 0312) or higher MATH or test out of it. Did you complete either one of those??
  10. by   CareAngel
    @Saraiish, where did you hear that the application was re-opened?? Im curious because I know several people who missed the deadline. I just tried calling, but I got the sec's voicemail.
  11. by   gladysp
    Anybody taking the 5-8pm rsng 1301 class section 57777? Have yall bought books yet?
  12. by   CareAngel
    I am gladysp!!!! I purchased Cal. w/ Conf. online at HPB, and I'm waiting for HCC bookstore to call so that I can pick up Pharmacology Connections to Nursing.
  13. by   Suavion
    Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions and was hoping if some of you could help me out a bit. I plan on applying to the nursing program at HCC within the next month. I spoke to a counselor about and she told me that I basically have to take two tests, TEAS and pharmacology math, to get in at this school. So my question are:

    1. Is the TEAS test harder than the HESI test? and is there anyplace or a website I can visit to prepare me for it?

    2. Is there a pharmacology math website that I can visit to help me refresh myself?

    3. In A&p 1 and 2 I made B's, and pharm I made an A......does this even matter or do they go mostly by the entrance exams? Do I need to retake the A&P's?

    I pretty much have taken all the prereqs for HCC but i'm a transfer student from Lonestar. I've already taken pharmacology, but they told me it's required that I take the math test. I really want to refresh myself since I took this course about a year ago lol.