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Harris Health System GN Internship (Ben Taub/LBJ) - page 4

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    I interviewed with L&D and MICU. I guess if she is coming back tomorrow then hopefully everyone will hear something then.
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    I also interviewed last week with a med-surg unit and was wondering if any of you have heard back from Harris health.
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    Just wanted to let you guys know not to lose hope just yet. I called HR yesterday and was told that all units still have not submitted names yet. I actually received a job offer after contacting my nursing director. Apparently my was given immediately after interviews on Tuesday but got lost in the shuffle of applicants so that's why I didn't get the call last Friday. So hang in there and keep calling lol. Good luck.
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    What kind of questions were you guys asked for your second interview and with which units?

    I would really appreciate any help! Thank you so much!!
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    I read that you know some of the directors at Ben Taub. I am extremely interested at working at Ben Taub. It has been my life long dream. I wanted to know if you can help me. I am about to graduate in 1 week. It will be wonderful if you can. Please let me know