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So the testing period for the Spring of 2009 session ended yesterday but you can start testing for fall in like January. Unfortunately they do not give you ANY information on what the HESI is, what it covers, or what to study. So... Read More

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    I have applied for spring 2011...I had 82.5 in my hesi...I have 4 extra points for making A and 1 point for i did submit my application last week but i am so worried do i even have chance to get in...and what is the minimum requirement to get in to lvn programm at san jac south

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    I'm sure that you will get in. I believe that the gpa requirement for lvn at the south campus is a 2.0, but I'm not sure how many applied or how many they are taking in. I applied for both the ADN and LVN programs and am anxiously awaiting on emails from either. I sure hope that they will send them this week; the waiting is exhausting. Good luck to you:-)
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    Hi my name is Jeanette! I got accepted into the lvn program in the south and north campus... I am not sure which to attend... Any suggestions? I do want to go tosouth just because I am more familiar with the campus... I'm nervous and excited to start =]
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    Hi Jeanette! Congrats on getting in I also applied for the LVN Spring 2011 at South but didn't get in ..I was told to re-apply and request for the packet to be mailed to my home..Does anyone have any info on the re-apply packet?? I also bought the Evolve Assessment Study guide to help with a higher Hesi score...
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    i too want to get into the lvn program at south campus,,,why is so hard when they need so many nurses??!! i was wanting to know about the hesi at south campus happy i found this post : ) also i didn't know i could apply at north also but i really prefer south i know i would get more chances if i applied to both? urrg! we will see i just need to know what to study for hesi entrance test? but need to get all these preq things while i am studying ,,,,until i can i apply for program so !!!!!
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    also what book is the best to study for the san jacinto south campus HESI entrance test???? so many to choose from but which one???
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    Hi LadyDe! It's hard to get into nursing school because there is also a shortage in nursing educators. =\ The HESI is pretty easy especially reading and grammar. For math just practice how to add, multiply, divide, and substract fractions. Also memorize measurement conversions like cups to ounces or cups to pints, etc. There is a tutor on craigslist who does math tutoring specifically for the HESI A2.

    For a&p it's a little trickier but if you recently took those classes you will be fine! For me it has been over a semester, so I bought a guide at and scored a 88% . Without I would have FAILED the a&p section. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions. Good luck!
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    Wait so for the Lvn program at San Jac South they look at your gpa as well as hesi? I thought they only looked at your test score... I made an overall score of 88 on my hesi but my gpa is not that great. I am applying for spring 2013.

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