El Centro Spring 2018 Nursing Program Hopefules - page 28

Hello Nursing hopefules! I will be applying for the El Centro Nursing Progam for spring 2018. I wanted to know if anyone else is working on their applications and how far along. Here to provide and... Read More

  1. by   lhendersonrn
    Can you share the information on fast tracking your Hep A shot. Please and thank you
  2. by   gabbiijay
    Hello, future nurses! So after the acceptance a month ago I just forgot to keep up with the forum after letting yall know. Thanks to whoever made the group I have been letting other acceptees know.
    I wanted to reach out to AnaRegisteredNurse, ADN to keep contact in case I may need any advice in the future (promise not to be a constant bug lol)
    if you could pls let me know if you see this so we can exchange info. I am a very appreciative person (:
    Also, 02Melissa, I have any and all info you may need for the Pathways Program from El Centro Nursing to UT Arlington if you could please reach out to me or let me know if you are part of the El Centro Spring 2018 Nursing group on Facebook or if you see this.
    Wish yall some very happy holidays and hope to hear from yall. (:
  3. by   02Melissa
    I made the FB group! I am Melissa Rivers. All info on the RN to BSN bridge would be great!!
  4. by   Schenier90
    To anyone not accepted. Did you try to retrieve your application and you were told they were not ready to give them back due to still deciding on a couple of students????? Did you guys get any other reson. Idk if that is good news or not....lol
  5. by   02Melissa
    Well I am assuming some people rejected the program acceptance so they have space to add students just below the cut off?
  6. by   dannielrosas96
    did anyone take the HESI at North Lake? did the anatomy and physiology section test yall on part 1 or 2? or both?
  7. by   dannielrosas96
    did the hesi go over anatomy 1 and 2 ? or just 1 ?