El Centro Spring 2018 Nursing Program Hopefules - page 27

Hello Nursing hopefules! I will be applying for the El Centro Nursing Progam for spring 2018. I wanted to know if anyone else is working on their applications and how far along. Here to provide and... Read More

  1. by   Knfry
    How difficult are the Hesi tests at the end of each semester? I'm really stressed about them.
  2. by   Nursenellabell
    You should join our Facebook group.
  3. by   AnaRegisteredNurse
    I had a love/hate relationship with HESI. If you study you will be fine. They really do test you over what they taught over that semester. The only one that is different is the Exit one some they test you over a little bit of every semester. I passed my first HESI, failed the second, passed the 3rd, and failed the exit one but in the end I obviously passed it. I think I failed those times cause I did not study. For my exit one I used yourbestgrade to pass it the second time. I would STRONGLY ENCOURAGE the use of that for the final semester. I think it may also be useful for all semester but not technically necessary. Just study.
  4. by   02Melissa
    Thanks so much Ana for the help
  5. by   AnaRegisteredNurse
    Are you asking me to join?
  6. by   Chrissyb513
    Congratulations to everyone who got in! I got accepted to Northlake, but I declined. I got in last minute this Fall at Grayson College. Wish you all the best next semester!
  7. by   ava_logusta
    Idk if it's different for El Centro, but has anyone from North Lake received their email about registering for our nursing schedule?
  8. by   Nursenellabell
    No I haven't either. Another classmate for Northlkae asked me the same thing.
  9. by   02Melissa
    At El Centro our schedule is choosen during Orientation, the staff register our classes for us, and once the classes have been entered econnect, the students pay for the classes