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El centro nursing program fall 2012?? - page 25

Hi is anyone out there applying to the el centro nursing program for fall 2012? Would you share points and which campus you're choosing ? :)... Read More

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    I'm in!!! Thank you, Jesus ... now time to start praying to get through the first semester Can't wait to meet everybody ! - Anissa
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    I'm in! Again haha
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    I'm in! I can't wait to meet you all June 20th. I'm already a part of the Facebook group. My name is Sandy Lopez.
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    Hi Sandy - i can't wait to meet everyone ! Congrats !!!
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    Hi i3rns,

    Some of us received our corrected confirmation letters this weekend. I was wondering if you could tell me what the first semester would look like and if it would even be conceivable to work part-time. Can you recall what a typical week was like? I appreciate any feedback.

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    To whom it concerns: New info packet is uploaded!
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    Thanks RNNelson79...I noticed that anthropology is not needed but the papers that they gave us at the info session said that we do need it. I see that they are already starting to mess up. I hope they get everything together. I'm going to call them and make sure anthropology is not needed for any point calculations.
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    Ha! I know- I was thinking the same thing- they're telling different people different things already.
    Looks like I've got 7 out of 9 for the UTA points.
    I wonder if the application pool will be significantly smaller over the next few semesters.
    I have a newborn so I will be having to take my prerecs and support classes slowly and mainly online, so unfortunately I won't be ready to apply by the next Aug 31st deadline. I haven't even taken A&P1 yet :/ Bummer!
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    @RNRelson79...she emailed me back and said that we have a choice between the sociology and the anthropology. How many more pre-reqs do you have to take...hopefully I can recommend a few good teachers.
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    I was a Sociology major so I've got plenty of those!!

    Pre-recs: A&P1 and HPRS
    Support: dev psyc (taking summer 1), micro, A&P2, speech

    Thinking I'll do A&P1 thru Dallas telecollege this Jul-teacher is ****-, starts right as my psych 2314 -with *****-will be ending.

    I know A&P will be rough online and so jammed in summer-but A.) I've GOT to get it done asap, and B.) I have a 9 week old baby and can't be away from him on campus all day every day. I figure if I'm not working and at home with a baby, might as well make the most of it and get on my way to being able to take HESI and apply.

    I kick myself for not doing this sooner- I'm 32 and have two kids- spent my professional career in sales- hating it...letting years slip away.
    After delivering my first son I knew right then I wanted to be a L& D nurse. I thought it was too late because I didn't go to college for that. Wasn't until an old Ursuline friend of mine who works at Children's told me she too hated her job and very inexpensively went to Brookhaven and became an RN. Now she loves what she does, makes great money and has a fabulous schedule.
    It would have been SO MUCH SIMPLER without kids and a lot of monthly bills to pay but when there's a will there's a way!! ) I can't wait to be in nursing school!
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    I got in as well. See you folks in June! I am just super happy, as I worked so hard for this. I think it is funny how they changed it up... I would have had so many extra points as I have been taking all my BSN xfer courses for the UTA fast track these past two semesters.
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    Quote from Slopez205
    Hi i3rns,

    Some of us received our corrected confirmation letters this weekend. I was wondering if you could tell me what the first semester would look like and if it would even be conceivable to work part-time. Can you recall what a typical week was like? I appreciate any feedback.

    Hi Sandy,
    Congrats on getting in AGAIN!!! You can probably work part-time. It will be stressful, but it can be done! In first semester you will likely have one day of lecture, then one day of clinical starting a few weeks into the program, and then your skills labs somewhere in there. The skills labs for us were not always on the same day. So that makes 3 days a week for most of the semester. The skills usually start early in the semester and the clinicals start a few weeks later. So if you work Monday-Friday, you may only get to work 2 days per week. If you can work on the weekends at your job, you may get to work more. I worked 3 days a week at 1st, and felt like that was too much. But I know people that did it. In first semester there is a lot of reading. Some tests cover 10 or more chapters. So reading takes a lot of your time. If you can, I would try to read over the summer. They usually post the reading assignments on ecampus after registration. And you can look on the "community" tab under ecampus once you've been registered to get the syllabus. The syllabus will have definition terms to work on and topics to know. So those things can be done ahead to help you.

    Second semester gets a little easier as far as having time to work. But 3rd and 4th are much harder. Plan on working 1/2 what you did in 1st! Just my opinion

    Feel free to message me any questions!

    Best of luck!
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    Thank you so much! this is very helpful.