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Eagle Pass update

  1. 0 Hi guys, this is an update from mom35. I graduated in Dallas with my adn in May 2011. After applying feverishly to every hospital in DFW (literally hundreds of apps) and no luck, I began applying out of town and now work in Eagle Pass at Fort Duncan Regional. I really enjoy the hospital! Fellow RN's are super nice and I am on Med surge floor. My time management is lacking, but the other rn's have encouraged me saying that it is normal for a new grad to have trouble with time management. Seems as though the hospital is always looking for nurses so anyone willing to relocate-this is an option. Now, the reason people come here, get their experience and leave is this: it is a small place with not much to do. I am considering workling more because I am getting really bored on my days off, but that will change once I start the bsn online program. The mall is small, there is a walmart and the Kickapoo casino, which I have not been to yet. The people here in the town are very kind and it is full of families! I love seeing all the families out together from great-grandkids and the grandparents, very endearing to see everyone together. If you have a spouse they may not find a job here. I think there is an oil boom near by, at least that is what I have been told, so they expect the place to start growing. Otherwise, if you dont require lots of extra entertainment like museums, big shopping and such-it is not a bad place at all!! As far as the hospital and fellow nurses-they are a great bunch!!
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    Thanks for the update! It's nice to hear from someone who has acquired some firsthand experience in this town.
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    Thanks for the update!
    I really appreciate it. I may look into it afte graduation in June if I cant find anythikng in El Paso.
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    Mom35: Is Fort Duncan still hiring? Any thoughts about relocating to Eagle Pass? Thank you!!!!
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    Quote from roni42286
    Mom35: Is Fort Duncan still hiring? Any thoughts about relocating to Eagle Pass? Thank you!!!!
    The hospital is always hiring due to the isolated, desolate location of the town.
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    r u still in fort duncan
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    PLEASE take a look at the overall instability/violence related to ongoing struggles amongst the Mexican drug cartels before making a decision to move to this area. Eagle Pass is a border city smack dab in the middle of all this mess which does spill north of the Rio Grande. Just want to make sure that the relocation decision is based on accurate information.
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    Yes, there is border violence but most of that mess stays in nuevo laredo. I wouldn't recommend crossing the border but its pretty safe on the US side. I used to live in laredo for almost two years and never felt unsafe. I say go if your desperate for work