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I've seen threads discussing this topic so I'm hoping to combine all of the discussions and include everyone. Who else is applying to June GN/RN internships is the Dallas and Fort Worth area? Where have you applied and what... Read More

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    I hope you get a job soon too!!
    I graduated in Dec so you are already way ahead of me! Honestly I'm pretty sure that I got all those interviews because I was already a RN, BSN on paper versus most of the other applicants which were students. I hope you don't have to wait like I did before you can find work but if you do just keep in mind that you will be on the top of the application pool now since you are done with school, will have your RN soon, and you've already made contact with several recruiters

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    I graduated from ADN program in May 2011 and really am interested in a NICU internship. I am new to this forum and really was just wondering if anyone had any advice for me about when NICU internships are offered? Is it at anytime or at certain times of the year or just depend on the hospital. I really have been naive and didn't realize that "experience" was needed for just about every RN opening? How do you get the experience if no one will hire you if you don't have experience already???? I am really frustrated and anxious. I NEED a job and a PAYCHECK! Any advice will be appreciated....... Thanks in advance.
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    You hit the nail on the head with not being able to get a job because you don't have experience and not being able to get experience because you don't have an RN job.

    Unfortunately thats just the reality of DFW therefor we all have to fight over the GN internship openings. NICU intern positions seem to be pretty rare (the 2 that i applied to were both cancelled and I was told it was for hospital financial reasons.) In general all of the hospitals start internships once in the summer (usually June) and once in the winter (January). Start looking for summer position postings in March and winter in October.

    I would defiantly consider expanding your search to newborn nursery, postpartum, peds, L&D because new grads here can't expect to get the perfect dream job right out of school but at least those areas would get you close enough to transfer in once you have some experience

    Good luck!
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    I want Nicu as well but got turned down for all the internships
    I applied to. So at this point after I hopefully pass my
    Nclex I will get a med surg position and apply to internships for Dec and hope for NICU then
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    I'm new to the site so I can't PM you but I recently applied to Parkland's critical care residency for September. I would love to get some info and any connections you may have that could help me out. Email me at mztrece@yahoo.com

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