Dallas or Houston?

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    Hi all!

    I'm looking to move to either Dallas or Houston in the next 9 months or so. At that time, I will have a little over 2 years of adult CVICU experience at a Level I trauma teaching center -- working with LVADs, fresh post-op hearts, ECMO, transplants, CABGs and everything in between. I'm looking to stay in the same specialty. I am just starting my acadamic journey to becoming a Cardiac NP. I would like to stay at a Level 1 Trauma teaching facility for now.

    I moved here from the largest city in Jersey last year and I need to get out of this small town! I've been to Dallas but haven't visited Houston yet. I'm trying to decide which one would be best for my future endeavors. I know of the Med Center in Houston and Parkland and Baylor in Dallas. Which city or hospitals would be good to look into?

    I'm a big-city girl who loves lots of cultures, events and places to hang out and eat. I'm not really into the nightlife but it's not bad to be near one! I am not concerned about traffic -- I lived in NYC for almost 3 years and worked there for 5..I'm used to it.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I'm looking to visit Houston soon!

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    To add, John Peter Smith, in Fort Worth, is also a Level 1. Parkland is your county hospital, so you will see a lot there. Mostly your indignant, non-compliant patients will be there. Both facilities, Baylor and Parkland, will see a large patient population. Baylor's system, has specific cardiac facilities. As for Parkland, it is in partner with UTSW, which is associated with the medical school, and is a large research based facility. So it just depends on the population you want to see, but both are great facilities.
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    Prettyladie, we work at the same facility. I have had an awesome experience and would stay..if it was in a larger city!
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    Thanks for the info, by the way!
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    For sure. I'm from Dallas, so if you have any other questions about the city and location let me know.
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    Houston....largest medical center in the world...2 level 1 trauma hospitals and 3 major hospitals with serious cardiovascular programs! 4th largest city in the country. Voted as one of the most diverse city in the country, plus active social scene...just visit see it yourself
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    Which are the 3 hospitals with the serious cardiovascular specialties? Memorial Herman, St. Luke's......???
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    Quote from Lovelymo79
    Which are the 3 hospitals with the serious cardiovascular specialties? Memorial Herman, St. Luke's......???
    The Methodist hospital
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    Quote from Lovelymo79
    Which are the 3 hospitals with the serious cardiovascular specialties? Memorial Herman, St. Luke's......???
    The Methodist Hospital...one of the first pioneers of heart transplant in the US
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    In the interests of full disclosure - one caveat for The Medical Center (Houston); employees parking is mostly in off-site shuttle lots which adds some time to the overall commute. This may not be a big deal if you're used to it, but we Houstonians are just not 'mass transit' people, even for short distances - LOL. But, I definitely agree with the PP - there's no place like TMC if you want to participate in world-class medical care. All TMC facilities are non-profit... for-profit facilities cannot locate there, under terms of the original TMC development.

    The Methodist & St. Lukes are the power players for CV. Memorial Hermann is better known as a leader in Trauma Services (pioneer of air ambulance, originator of 'Life Flight'). All three are absolutely huge. Memorial Hermann is affiliated with University of Texas Medical School; The Methodist is home to Baylor College of Medicine (no connection to Baylor University in Waco) and St. Lukes is the clinical site for Texas A & M Medical School. A bazillion nursing and allied health programs also have clinical rotations in these & other TMC hospitals. They all have to compete with each other, recruitment-wise, so benefit packages are comparable.

    Throw away those winter woolies & come on down!

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