Dallas hospital PRN pay 29/hr

  1. HI friends,
    I have applied for an RN PRN position recently.The pay they offered me is 29/hr for 8 years open heart experience.Is that reasonable?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Which hospital system is this? It seems somewhat low, considering the fact that a PRN pay rate should be several dollars more per hour than the regular staff rate of pay.

    I am 30 miles to the west (Fort Worth), and when I was PRN, my rate was $36 hourly as a new RN in acute rehab with 4 years of LVN experience.
  4. by   chinchu
    This is in Baylor.I have a full time job and this hospital is only 1 mile away from my house
  5. by   chinchu
    which hospital in fort worth please?
  6. by   not.done.yet
    Baylor is known to be on the low end for wages but higher than some in job satisfaction. $29/hr for 8 years sounds very very low. We start our PRNs at $32 and go from there.
  7. by   gibson0726
    Baylor pays very low especially considering how heavy their PRN requirements are. One major and one minor holiday plus 4 shifts per month. That may not be the requirement of every unit, but that is the most common one I have seen. If I were ever to look for a 2nd job, I think I'd go the per diem route.
  8. by   Wolf at the Door
    It is only 29 dollars because you selected to do PRN for only one unit. Had you chosen Resource pool as in willing to go anywhere within ONE Baylor hospital location the pay is $36. The pay is $42 if you are willing to go to ANY Baylor hospital in the metroplex. Do not mislead people try to be more clear on why you were offered $29 dollars or ask the recruiter.