Dallas...best hospital to work at?

  1. I am a nurse with 15 years of experience in L & D. Just curious if anyone has input on where the best place is to work in Dallas for experienced nurses. I currently work for an HCA hospital in another state and am planning to relocate to Dallas. I was going to just transfer but there are so many hospitals around, I may change it up if there are better working conditions and pay. Any input is appreciated!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    What are you looking for in a hospital?

    Parkland is a county hospital with a large indigent patient population and an extremely busy L&D department. Other hospitals in Dallas and its suburbs include Methodist Dallas, Methodist Charlton, Dallas Presbyterian, Baylor University Medical Center, Medical City of Dallas, and numerous others.

    Are you looking for an urban hospital or a suburban setting?
  4. by   babymanager
    The patient population does not make much of a difference to me...I have worked in both extremes. What is important to me is a hospital that places value in their nursing staff and has a good reputation. Do the HCA hospitals there have a good reputation? Where I live right now, they don't. It also seems like there are lots of newer hospitals in the area, I saw that Baylor opened a new facility in McKinney. Bottom line, I am interested in good working conditions, good reputation in the community, opportunities for advancement, and good pay.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Baylor health system = good reputation, treats nurses well, very low pay, good benefits
    HCA hospitals = not the best local reputation, average pay and benefits
    Texas Health Resources system = good reputation, treats nurses well, average pay and benefits
    Methodist health system = so-so local reputation, average pay and benefits
    Tenet hospitals = okay reputation, treats nurses okay, average pay and benefits

    You are not going to find good pay in the Dallas/Fort Worth area hospitals unles you work pool or PRN/per diem. Many people who come from other geographic areas are shocked at the wages they're offered when they relocate here. It is just not a competitively paying area.
  6. by   CarryThatWeight
    I'm with an HCA hospital and I have been pleased with my rate of pay. Benefits are so-so, but in this economy I am just glad to have them.
  7. by   paultxrn
    I highly recommend the Baylor system. I worked 6 years at two different hospitals. They treat nurses very well, compared to other places. There are multiple Baylor facilities in the Dallas-Ft Worth area, so you can choose a large, city hospital, or a smaller, suburban facility.
  8. by   babymanager
    Thanks for the input!
  9. by   hookemhorns012
    Which of the Baylor hospitals is known for labor and delivery?
  10. by   rdnkmommy
    I'd be weary of Baylor McKinney. It's a brand new beautiful facility but I had three coworkers (L&D) leave Methodist to go there. All three were back with us within 90 days. It's pretty small and the nurses were being floated to med/surf and ICU!!
    Look us up when you move, we are always needing strong, experienced L&D nurses!!
  11. by   babymanager
    Thanks for the tip, I'll have to check out Methodist as well!
  12. by   not.done.yet
    Baylor Frisco is considered both the Cadillac of places to work and to have a baby these days. Presby Plano gets high scores on both as well.
  13. by   babymanager
    @rdnkmommy---which Methodist hospital are you at? Do they offer anything like Baylor TDA?
  14. by   JoycMarr
    For Labor & Delivery I would go with Baylor Frisco. 2nd choice would be Presby Plano. Both Baylor and Presby rank high as treating their nurses well.