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  1. So I know this topic has been asked before (and I've read through those posts) but just looking for additional/updated input from locals...

    So I'm moving to Texas in the near future and looking for input from local RNs regarding overall experience in Dallas/Irving hospitals. Specifically, if possible, I would like to know which hospitals are considered to treat their RNs "well" (with either "competitive pay" (for the area, I guess??), free healthcare, don't threaten their staff with being "Group One'd", or make some (or any) effort to uphold nurse-patient ratios).

    I figure a Magnet hospital would be a safe bet for overall better work experience
    but what is the reality from those who work there? If it matters, I have a BSN with over 5 years in (current) acute care experience. Generally speaking, I'm looking in Dallas area but most anything north and west of Dallas itself I'd consider.

    Based on prior posts on this topic my take away is that UT Southwestern, or one of the Tenet hospitals would be a good place to work (compaired to an HCA hospital, or Dallas Medical Center, for example). Does the overall consensus say this is correct?
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  3. by   Julius Seizure
    UTSW would be good. That would probably be my top recommendation - teaching hospital with tons of resources.

    Parkland is right next door to it and will have a more diverse population socioeconomically. I've heard that nurse satisfaction there is good, but you definitely will work your butt off and learn a ton. Parkland is the "if you can work here, you can go anywhere" hospital.

    I agree with avoiding the HCA hospitals (in DFW, it is the "Medical City" group of hospitals).

    Not familiar with Tenet.

    Baylor and Texas Health Presbyterian would both be solid choices too, as far as I know.
  4. by   not.done.yet
    All of the local hospitals use Group One as do most of the schools, surgical groups, etc. You won't escape that one. Texas is an employment at will state, so know that no matter where you go you will notice that there isn't a lot of clout for nurses due to being unable to unionize.

    THR and Baylor have strong nursing leadership. HCA does as well, but they are for-profit and therefore approach care from a different direction. UTSW and Parkland are also good options. There are a couple of Tenet hospitals. In generally they aren't known for being super good to their nurses.
  5. by   Julius Seizure
    What is "Group One"?
  6. by   not.done.yet
    Group One is a credit reporting agency that is utilized to perform background checks on medical professionals. They keep records on jobs and performance the way a credit reporting agency does on personal credit. If you get "black balled" through Group One, you have pretty much zero chance of finding employment as a nurse anywhere Group One is utilized for background checks. It was originally intended to help weed out medical professionals guilty of truly dangerous practice. Sadly, it has also been utilized for nefarious purposes in some cases and has destroyed careers. It is a scary entity. It operates under the laws of credit reporting, thus skirting problematic laws about slander. Once you are in there as a bad apple it is expensive in both time (years in most cases) and money to get things removed from your file. Almost all the employers and nursing schools in DFW use them for background checks. Houston as well.


    You can do a search here on AN and find LOTS of info about them. It is hard to understand how it can be legal, but unfortunately it is. Nobody has sued them successfully so far that I am aware of.