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  1. Got my Texas license last year 2007 so I can work as a travel nurse in Texas sometimes. Are they still requiring the forensic nurse continueing ed. I am having trouble finding one to do.
    Have already finished the bio-terrorism needed.
    I visited the Texas BON tonight and don't see anything on it anymore about needing the forensic class.
    Texas rocks by the way. Really enjoyed my time there and my son moved there for good.:typing
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  3. by   NeoNurseTX
    no, it's 20 hrs q 2 years and 2 of those are bioterrorism. i can't find the info on bioterrorism, though..

    looks like forensics is for ER nurses.

    Forensic Evidence Collection CE

    Effective September 1, 2005, the Nursing Practice Act was amended, adding the CE requirement, Forensic Evidence Collection in Continuing Education. This targeted CE requirement applies to all nurses practicing in emergency room settings as either their home unit, floating, contracted, or other duties that involve functioning in an ER setting or role. This is a one-time requirement per nurse effective September 1, 2006. Compliance with this requirement is ongoing for any nurse who begins practicing in an ER setting as there is no expiration date for this requirement under Texas Occupations Code 301.306 (NPA).
    Frequently asked questions on this targeted CE may be viewed on the BON document faq-fe-ce.pdf."
  4. by   sjt9721
    The Bioterrorism requirement expired. I believe it was to have been completed by September 2007.

    The Forensic requirement does not have an expiration date. And you should keep the certificate indefinitely.
  5. by   gonzo1
    Thanks to all who have given me information. I do work in the ER.