College of the Mainland, Texas City

  1. Has anyone had any experience attending Nursing school at College of the Mainland in Texas City, Texas? I have looked at thier pass rates with the state. How is the program there? Any advice on application/ acceptence?
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  3. by   tacman66
    I recieved a private message response but can i am not authorized to reply. I have not posted enough responses yet in forum it looks like. The only way i can respond is from here.

    I have contacted the college and will be meeting with them for the fall 2010 program. This will be a second career for me. I have a BS and MS in other fields.
  4. by   cesRN
    That was me. I'll be starting Spring 2010 semester. Have not met anybody else on here who will be on my cycle.
  5. by   tacman66
    That was the reason I posted this up. There are volumns on the other programs around town but very little from anyone down at COM. I have never taken classes at COM, always SJC, but now that I am in galveston county the cost is driving me to look for in-district tution. Have fun next semester I should be a few months behind.
  6. by   cesRN
    Yeah, i am actually for northside of Houston. I will have to move so my commute will be less than 100+ miles roundtrip. I believe since it is outside of Houston, many students prefer not to move or have not heard about it alltogether. I recently found out about it and applied.

    Only nursing programs down there are College of the Mainland in Texas City, Galveston College in Galveston Island, and UTMB which is the only BSN program.
  7. by   kliz18
    Hey all,
    Just thought I would stop by and say hi and that I am also going to COM's Spring 2010 program. Czar looking forward to meeting you friday for orentation!
  8. by   cesRN
    See ya ther kliz. Any recommendations on apartments in Webster, Friendswood or Clear Lake? I really know nothing about the area other than getting to campus. It'll be a 100+ mile commute rountrip if I stay where I am.
  9. by   kliz18
    I live at home still with the parents so I won't be much help. But I do know that those areas are more expensive so personally I would look in Texas city area because I have a few friends that have apartments and it's 600 for a one bedroom with all bills paid I don't remember what the apratments are called but the are on the north side of loop in Texas city. Plus those apartments are only 10 min away from campus. But besides that I don't know let me know if you are interested and I will get you the name of the apartment. Also if you are looking of a house there are some pretty cheap ones. I will advise that if you decide to move to Texas city not to live on the south east side, let's just say that's it's not the nicest place. Anyway hope that helped some and sorry I could not give you any info on any where else but Texas city. What can I say I've been here my whole life lol.
  10. by   tacman66
    How many points did yall wind up with on the COM applicant placement system?
  11. by   kliz18
    Honesty I don't know I'll have to get back to you on that.
  12. by   tacman66
    I have appt with advising for the fall 2010 program. I sure they will tell me what my numbers are. I was just wondering how competitive the process is there. I do not see many folks talking about the program in these forums.
  13. by   skygyrl
    I am applying to UT Houston and UTMB with COM as my back up choice. I just found that point placement system on the websiteand as of now I have 127. I emailed the school today asking what the average amount of points were and I was told if you got a 125 you would have a fair chance of getting in, but that she has seen people with around 100 get in. I am considering taking additional classes for more points, but since this is my backup plan and these classes may not count I may decide otherwise. To the people that have gotten accepted, do you guys know what your total points equaled when you were accepted? That would totally help with my decision. Good luck to all. I think COM would be a pretty awesome place to attend.
  14. by   skygyrl

    this is the link to the point placement system for college of the mainland. this will help you determine your eligibility for getting into the nursing program.
    to kliz- i see you applied to utmb also. that's my #1 choice but i'm afraid that my first 2 years in school may hold me back. i got waaay too many w's during that time. what was your gpa's for utmb?? as of now i have a 3.75 science, 3.68 prereq and 3.0 overall so any information or advice would be great.
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