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Has anyone had any experience attending Nursing school at College of the Mainland in Texas City, Texas? I have looked at thier pass rates with the state. How is the program there? Any advice on... Read More

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    I only had an 89 on reading (5pts). It seemed so much easier than it was. But I still got in with 121 over all points.

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    @blynn15- Well Clinicals are tuesdays and I only saw her on MW she never had scrubs on. If any day besides tuesday she wore them I would guess on thursdays when the skills lab is. I actually hardly ever saw the nursing students in their scrubs. Clearly I need to get on the ball with this checklist because I havent even turned in my intent letter.

    I also have been researching the first semester schedule and I just can't wait! I want books and my syllabus now! I don't know if this is good or bad but the Aug-Oct section is just 1 class and the skills lab. So... either the class is REALLY intense or they are trying to ease us in. Lol
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    Hmmm... at SJC they wear scrubs everyday that is why I thought it may be possible.
    The scheldule: I KNOW!!! I am so excited! Some students may still have other classes. I have med term and 2 pe that I need. Maybe it will be the time to take them! lol
    We should start a FB page!
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    Okay I am not sure that I did this correctly, but look for the
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    Quote from tx_nurse_2_be
    i guess i had a 106 too on the accuplacer because my reading level was 15 as well. i don't have my sheet in front of me. i had the 15 points for math (i took statistics) i got points in all fieds on the placement system except patho and health assessment.

    how's evryone's checklist coming along? i mysteriously lost my shot record somewhere between february and now... grrr! i also have a very short timeline to get everything complete because i will be on vacation from july 1-15. so i will have to turn everything in this month.

    i got a couple of immunization shots i need. i also have to pay for the background/urine test. other than that im okay..i think-lol. have fun on your vacation!
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    I just added to the fb group! I went to turn in my intent letter and ask questions about the everything else. The lady at the front desk was VERY helpful. Oh, I saw my friend with a group of her classmates (again no scrubs). Physical scheduled, got some sheet to take the Hep B titer at the community clinic, BGC and Drug test paid for, and I found my shot record on my way to get a replacement! I think im good to go. lol

    @txgirl806- galveston county health district has a partnership with the school so you can get the shots cheap. My dr is charging $85 for the titer and the clinic said 21.44. There's a form they give you to take to the clinic if you're interested.

    @blynn- Com pe online is really easy. I took it this spring (easy a). I only went on campus maybe 5 days during the semester.
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    do you have to live in galveston county for the titer?
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    I dont think so. She gave me a sheet that gives authorization for them to allow me to take it. My mom used to work for the health district when i was a kid so i got all my shots there anyway. The form states that since we are students we are authorized to use their services through the contract they have with the school.
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    +1 on the county health clinics! I get all my vaccs done there and its SUPER afordable compared to a regular doctor....
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    Thanks for the there a link to see the schedule for the fall?

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