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Has anyone had any experience attending Nursing school at College of the Mainland in Texas City, Texas? I have looked at thier pass rates with the state. How is the program there? Any advice on... Read More

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    Well now that orientation is out of the way... On to important things... Anyone have info for books? I'm not a bookstore kinda girl and CLEARLY there are no nursing books there now anyway. Can we buy used books? I shop online at its the absolute best! Let me know if you guys know anything. :-)
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    I don't remember them saying anything about purchasing a stethoscope, by when or what kind, but I could have zoned out or been in the restroom I guess....Did they?

    I guess we don't need our scrubs or shoes until clinicals start right? I don't feel like the orientation was very infomative about the specifics. They seemed more concerned with paperwork, the drug screen, and that handbook.... not to mention incredibly poor time management.

    I am going in the morning to register for all my classes since it can't be done online. I want to be there when they open so I don't have to wait forever!!! Oh and to show the nursing dept my SSN card since they so graciously let us know we would need it prior to orientation check in! I mean I don't carry that thing around with me all the time!

    I called the bookstore to find out about the skills kit, but they had no clue as to what all was in it or when it would be available. All they could tell me was to contact the instructor for information on it. They said the booklist would be available probably the first week of august....

    IMHO I think that the orientaion should have included the book lists at least. I am super excited to begin, I just hope that things are more organized in the program than what has been displayed so far.
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    No they didn't discuss the stethoscope. I'm assuming we just need the regular one with the swivel head thing. I guess it was implied with the fashion show. I registered the day of orientation. It didn't take long we were the only people in line. Its th financial aid and advisement tha takes al day. The bookstore is changing companies so the staff know absolutely nothing. I looked up books on the faculty info/syllabus pahe for he spring. Hopefully we need the same books.
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    Congratulations to all of you who wil be starting this fall! I just completed my 2nd semester in the program and can say that I really love the program at COM. BTW, to those of you who attended orientation, I was there the narrator for the fashion show

    To answer some of your questions:

    -they dont "endorse" one particular type of stethoscope but I would recommend a Littman. The other cheaper ones you can get trend to break easily and the sound quality is not that great. Find one with a bell AND diaphragm because the ones that jusy hsve a larger diaphragm and no bell (more modern looking ones) require skill at placing pressure to it to listen to murmurs, and other sounds that aren't easily done as beginners (not to mention, they are more expensive). A Littman is a great investment so I suggest that one.

    If you haven't gotten a book list yet, you can get an approximated price list per semester by the advisor in the nursing office. Not the one who calculated your points to get in. she has a small office with a window near where all the other nursing offices are. At least that way you can get an idea of how much they may cost. Also, a couple of students have also signed up as a student on where you get am upgraded free express shipping, so that helps too.

    Lunch: there is a cafeteria near the bookstore but have hours that sometimes don't fit with our class schedule BUT there is a little stand that is right next to the nursing hallway that sells drinks inc. coffee, muffins, breakfast croissants/taquitos, salads, pizza, etc.

    If there's anything else yall need help with, please don't hesitate to ask
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    @kstar101- Thanks for the information. I have a few questions...

    1) Do we need all 18 books on the book list? Some said optional but I was wondering if I should get them anyway.

    2) Does the bookstore have the nursing kit or do we get it somewhere else?

    3) Do you think it would be challenging to work and complete the program? How many hours a week would you recommend?

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    Quote from TX_Nurse_2_Be
    @kstar101- Thanks for the information. I have a few questions...

    1) Do we need all 18 books on the book list? Some said optional but I was wondering if I should get them anyway.

    2) Does the bookstore have the nursing kit or do we get it somewhere else?

    3) Do you think it would be challenging to work and complete the program? How many hours a week would you recommend?

    Hi TX_Nurse_2_Be,

    This is KStar101, something is wrong with my other account and it wouldn't let me log in! I created this one for now so I can respond to you. Here's what I can tell you about your questions:

    1) You're going to need majority of those books at one time or another in the program. The most expensive part for books is your 1st semester but like I mentioned, they will be used again in your succeeding semesters so it'd be worth it to buy them. I'm not sure if the book list has changed at all since my class started, as I had heard rumors that they would be switching books for some of the classes. I ended up purchasing almost everything on the book list but some of my classmates did not, and ended up using a couple of old editions to replace the ones recommended by the school. I suppose it helped and did it's job for the course, but I don't like to worry that teachers may or may not get information from the specified book that they want us to buy. Also, the newer books have publisher websites that you get an access code to if you buy them new and have helpful NCLEX style questions that you'll definitely want to have. Remember, the more NCLEX questions you have to practice with, the better! The only books I didn't buy were the diagnostic manual for laboratory values and the medical dictionary. I had a diagnostic lab values book and medical dictionary from another program I was in and one of my teacher's said as long as I had one, it didn't matter.

    2) Yes, the bookstore has the nursing kit. It isn't out where the books are though. You'll have to tell them you're a 1st year 1st semester nursing student in the ADN program and they will bring one out for you.

    3) Personally, I think it would be challenging to work during the program, however, there are some people who work part and full time and they're managing. If you don't HAVE to work, or can really cut down on your hours, I would definitely suggest that. I THINK there were some previous posts on here about the NEPP (Nursing Education Placement Program) but if not, I would suggest that you sign up for it. I don't think I've ever heard of someone applying for it and not getting approved. It basically pays for your tuition and all other expenses for school in return for 6 months (I think?) of work after you graduate at one of the UTMB hospitals. It's a lot of paperwork but it's worth it. Just remember that if you aren't successful in the program (which you should be!), I think you are required to pay all of that money back

    Also, like we mentioned after the fashion show, try and get an NCLEX review book. Saunders is a really good one. I've even heard of some nursing schools using it as a textbook for their curriculum.

    Good luck again and I'm here if you have any more questions
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    Is it necessary to have current editions for all the books listed? I am contemplating getting the previous editions on some books to save tons of cash...but am worried that it won't be sufficient. I have tried emailing the professors about this but no luck there!
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    Have you started at COM? I see you on the "other" school also. How is the COM program? I finally applied for the SP 2012 program at COM. Tired of waiting on the ther: school!
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    Yes I have started at COM and I am very pleased with it so far. I am definitely glad I am in something that way I can focus on it more than just focusing on being contacted by the 'other' school...

    The faculty is really nice and definitely want everyone to succeed! There is a really nice mentor there that is super accomodating to anyone who shows an interest in tutoring sessions. We have had a couple tests and a vitals check off already. I can say that those questions can be a doozie...The tests are all based on NCLEX type questions and they are vague on some and you really have to use critical thinking and deductive reasoning. There is a lot of implied learning....and READING READING READING!
    Since its only been a couple weeks we only have SKills 1 and Assessment in progress so far. I also have medical terminology, but most did that before starting the program. It seems like its a decent amount of work....and I am sure it will only double in a few weeks once we start intro to nursing and clinical 1.
    The room we have lecture in is really nice as far as desk/seat areas....but that room is a refridgerator! Guess it could be worse....

    As much as I do like COM I really want to get in the 'other' school'... Only because I would be able to get my BSN in the same amount of time...If I do get in, I will definitely have a leg up on the first semester! If not I will be headed that way once I get my ADN
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    hi all, i just applied for the spring as well, barely passed the teas-Whewww. Good luck to you. It's just a waiting game now; with my fingers crossed.
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    hey those who are already in the program? I just got accepted for Spring 12. But I was wondering if we have to wear scrubs everyday to school???
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    Quote from veronicav08
    hey those who are already in the program? I just got accepted for Spring 12. But I was wondering if we have to wear scrubs everyday to school???
    Congrats on getting accepted! To answer your can wear whatever are only you like to class. scrubs are only you required for clinicals
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    Hello Skygurl, I am new to reading this thread,and was just checking with you to see how your nursing program was going what has been your experience thus far.. I hope that all is well, and blessings to you.