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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone is familiar with this hospital? I'm from Houston and have an interview for their GN position with their trauma department. I like to know if anyone is working here and can tell me a little bit about the hospital? Or about the Christus organization as a whole, it'll be nice to hear first hand experience about the organization.

    I have a couple of job offers for GN position in Houston but they're either med-surg or psych. Trauma is my passion and I am holding off on those offers and I really want this position in Corpus even if I have to relocate.

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    No information to give you but how did the interview go? Which Houston hospital did you get an GN position at?
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    I'm very familiar with the CHRISTUS system. They are a large Catholic health care system - facilities mostly in TX & LA, but also in AR & NM as well as international (Mexico & Chile). The CHRISTUS Spohn system is in Corpus - they have 3 facilities in the city, and 3 more in outlying towns as well as multiple free-standing clinics in that region. I believe they have a strong tradition of new grad programs in several clinical areas. CHRISTUS Spohn Memorial is a Level II Trauma facility.

    I hope you like Corpus. It's really a very "sleepy" town and certainly does not have all the attractions of Houston or even San Antonio. If you like the beach, it will probably be great for you.
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    thx, I interviewed last Thursday with a panel of nurses. I'm trying to follow up but not sure who to contact because they don't post contact info to their HR department online -_-. I was told a decision was to be made either last Friday or Monday (today) but I haven't heard back and not sure who to contact really.
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    Did you hear back from them? I am considering Christus for a new grad position when I graduate in Spring 2015.

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