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Are there any new grads or RNs out there that have applied to Baylor's 2013 Winter internships? I thought I would start this so we can all share our tips, tricks and progress. I applied to the... Read More

  1. by   princesstl121
    Quote from Rnindmakin
    I am so happy for you. I went for the interview today at Baylor Dallas and got offered the job on the spot. my first choice actually CVICU. I am a GN, my pinning is 2moro. writting the NCLEX next year.
    I hear we all meet in baylor irving for 2 days orientation.
    Hi Rnindmakin, I will be graduating in May and absolutely love CV. I got a job with Baylor in a critical care unit and wanted to transfer to CVICU. I just wanted to know how you like the CVICU at BUMC. What's the unit like?
  2. by   NurseMNE
    Quote from NewToDallas
    I became a very desirable candidate with tech experience, labor experience, certifications (NRP, AWHONN fetal monitoring) and I already had an RN license...just no hospital experience.
    I am trying to do the same by obtaining certifications while the so far unsuccessful job search continues. Where were you able to do your NRP skills test and AWHONN fetal monitoring? The only information I can find is through hospitals but for employees only.
  3. by   annierose
    I know this is an old thread. But can someone please help me. I have an interview for an internship program and i was just wondering how the interview goes. What type of questions do they usually ask and is it a panel interview? Thanks so much. It will definitely ease my anxiety.
  4. by   annierose
    What was the interview like? Was it a panel interview? What type of questions were asked? Any clinical scenarios?