Baylor Healthcare System TDA program

  1. I have a few questions regarding Baylors TDA weekend program and how the salary is determined for an entry level nurse.

    You work Saturday/Sunday 12 hr shifts = 24 hrs and get paid for 36 hrs ?

    Base pay (Entry level) $21.50
    TDA differential $9.00
    Shift differential $3.00 for 2nd shift..not sure how much for 3rd shift.

    So would the pay equal= $30.50 x 24 hours plus shift differential and 12 hours at $21.50 plus shift differential?

    Am I missing anything?

    What if you pick up extra shifts during the is that computed?
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  3. by   mbcatac7
    I thought the Baylor Plan was 16hr shifts x 2 on the weekend..and you get paid for 36 or 40hrs..cannot remember.
    Base pay is $21 hr.
    Shift 2 diff is $3.00 hr
    Shift 3 diff is $5.00 hr
    Weekend is diff plus $6.00 hr
  4. by   AcceptableRisk
    Base pay is only $21 per hour? Is this for an RN? Parkland start new RNs out at $25 an hour!

    The Baylor plan has always been 24hrs work for 36 hours pay. It's now called the TDA plan (Two day alternative).
  5. by   kelsolyn
    Where can I go to get information/apply for the program?
  6. by   TexHaws
    Any other CURRENT information about the Baylor TDA program?