Anyone Applying to Spring 2014 Texas Tech 2nd Degree BSN

  1. Anyone applying to Texas Tech's program, specifically the 2nd degree Austin program? What is your work experience? What prereqs have you taken/still need? Volunteering? GPA? Heard anything interesting lately about the program? Let's get to chatting!
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  3. by   swank123
    I'm currently taking prereqs at ACC. Just finished medical terminology, anatomy, and developmental psych with good grades. About to take chemistry, patho, and nutrition as summer courses. Yikes. Got some volunteer experience but trying to get a hospital job with my CNA certification. Where the jobs at, yo?
  4. by   Flyonn
    Hey swank,

    I'm applying to the program. About half the pre reqs I completed in undergrad with grades ranging from A to C, so I'm a bit nervous with that. I'm taking the other classes at temple college and so far have gotten all A's. Currently I'm taking a&p ii and hist ii. My last classes I need are patho, nutrition, and medical term. I'm about to start my cna course and hope to get a job at Scott and white for the brief period between now and application time. Other than that, I don't have any experience or volunteer work.

    Are you in Austin?
  5. by   swank123

    Yeah, I'm in Austin. I'm taking 3 classes right now and two more in the fall. I've got some bad grades from undergrad (like, 10 years ago) but my last two years were pretty good so I hope that upward trend helps. Plus I've had some online courses and heavy course loads. I got my CNA through ACC but I can't get a freakin job. I've got two "ins" at two different hospitals but they both tell me that right before summer hit their departments hired all the clinical assistants/patient care techs they needed and that it may take a month or two for anything to open up. It would truly suck if that lack of CNA work experience kept me from getting in. I've got some volunteer experience, like 75 hours, so I'll try to focus on the quality of those hours in my application. Anywho, good luck on getting a job, my friend. My advice to you is to start a volunteer position now and try to parlay that in to a paid gig. Even if it doesn't turn in to a job for you, the volunteer exp. looks good.

    Peace out for now.
  6. by   Flyonn
    Have you thought about looking at the nursing homes for a job? I did a brief search and there a quite a bit of job openings in this area for CNA's at the nursing homes.

    I actually just did a quick google search and there appears to be some job openings in nursing homes in the Austin area. It may not be your first choice, but I think having some experience would help immensely.

    Sounds to me we are about the same age since I graduated college in 2003. In my prior life, before deciding to pursue a career in healthcare, I operated a franchise of restaurants. My wife and two daughters have been in TX for a little over two years now. The wife is a PA at Scott and White.

    Good luck with the job search and the classes.
  7. by   brabuckl
    I'm graduating from TTU in December with my BS in Microbiology. I've been a CNA and unit secretary for almost 2 years at Covenant Medical Center here in Lubbock. I'm taking nutrition next month and pathophysiology and human growth and development in the Fall with my final few classes. I finally have time to volunteer, so I'm putting in hours in the ER. I'm also registering to take the TEAS later this month,$110!
  8. by   swank123
    @Flyonn: Yeah, I've considered nursing homes, I just figured since I know a few people at hospitals I'd try to go that route. But I'll probably turn to the LTC option if I can't get in a hospital. That's pretty cool your wife is a PA. That will be an all-medical family before long.

    @brabuckl: Sounds like you're on the right track. Tell us how the TEAS treats you. Good luck! The coordinators told me they look for experience with online classes. Anyone been through those? I've taken a few but not necessarily a load like what they throw at you.
  9. by   ms311
    Hi ya'll, I'm glad someone started a thread on this. I am planning to apply for the 2014 Austin cohort. I am finishing up my prerec courses taking Anatomy at ACC right now. The 5 1/2 week summer session is a beast! I have two left to take in the fall, physiology and pathophysiology. Still need to take the TEAS V. My grades aren't perfect but I've done pretty well on the sciences and and psychs (my recent classes). I'm hoping the fact that I've been a CNA for 3 years and I've worked in nursing homes and now a hospital will help me to get accepted into the Tech program. I am so nervous! Would love to chat and here everyone's thought, questions, concerns etc.
  10. by   Medic2RN
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  11. by   swank123
    Welcome. I think among TT's admitting criteria (grades, work exp, volunteer exp, online class exp, general background) if you're showing up in at least 4 out of 5 fields, then you're a competitive applicant. That's what I think based on TT website and other forums. So ms311, I think you're in a good position.
  12. by   swank123
    @Flyonn: Got your CNA cert yet? Any luck finding a job?

    @ms311: How was that anatomy summer session? Summer Chem I kept my nose in the book but I pulled an A somehow. Still taking an 8 week Patho. It is TOUGH!
  13. by   ms311
    Hi Swank123, just finished the anatomy it was pretty darn tough! Cramming in all that info into 5 1/2 weeks but I think I stilled pulled off an A! I'm taking Physiology and Pathophysiology in the fall. Getting ready to study to take my TEAS V exam, has anyone taken it?
  14. by   aqua2303
    Hello! I am applying for Spring 2014.. However, I am a little confused on where the school is located. I thought it was in Austin? But after some researching I'm confused. Is the school in Marble Falls-Highland Lakes?