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Anybody out there applying to the UT Austin AEMSN program for summer 2012? Haven't seen any posts about our group of hopefuls yet.... Read More

  1. by   delrepublica1776
    When I took Fundamentals of Nursing, I remember using Potter & Perry's "Fundamentals of Nursing" and Jarvis's "Physical Examination and Health Assessment"
  2. by   acblds5
    samianquazi - rather than buying the newly updated versions of each of these texts, i was considering purchasing the edition just before the most current. what are your thoughts on this? are there any books that you have not used as much, or that you think having the "latest and greatest" will matter? especially for the fundamentals of nursing. since it is a brand new 8th edition in march 2012, i was thinking of getting the 7th edition instead. also, i have read reviews that the clinical nursing skills and techniques 6th edition is actually preferred over the newest 7th edition. any opinions on this?
  3. by   delrepublica1776
    Really, it depends on the book in question. We all used the 7th edition of the Fundamentals of Nursing (you're talking about Potter & Perry, right?) so I think you should be fine if you just get the 7th edition.

    To be honest, I don't think I ever even bought "Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques". I probably just checked it out on the 5th floor library whenever I needed it, and I don't recall needing that book specifically too often. I have it now, though, since a friend of mine let me borrow hers.

    If you use Lewis's "Medical Surgical Nursing" for Adult Health I and II, then that's a book you should get the newest edition for. I bought the 7th edition before the program started, but the professor told me to get the newest (8th edition), so I did, since the content's changed between the two versions. So naturally, when you buy the Clinical Companion guide for Lewis's "Med Surg Nursing", get the newest version of that too.

    I barely used the Human Heredity book for Genetics, though. I think that's a book I'd personally recommend just checking out from the 5th floor library whenever you'd need it.
  4. by   acblds5
    That helps a lot. Thank you for your prompt reply!
  5. by   danceluver
    Hey everyone

    Since most of you who attended are already into the thick of things, I was hoping to ask some questions about the program since I am interested in applying for the next cohort: What are your schedules like during the week? Do most of you find yourself in class or clinical after 5pm? Are there any weekend commitments? What has your class schedule been like? Anyone get any sort of help with tuition withs scholarships, etc? Anyone here who is attending that is not a texas resident? Any other information about the program would be extremely helpful. Thanks all!
  6. by   kiralandis
    Hey LizHope, I'm in the same position you were in last year! I applied to Child Health and have my interview THIS FRIDAY. Luckily, reading everyone's posts here it sounds like I don't need to overprepare too much but the lady who is interviewing me has only been there a year so maybe she's different? Maybe you know her, ********? Would love some advice!!! I hope I get in!
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  7. by   Anonymous1369
    What's involved with "compliance?" Just curious, read about it a little but I'm curious what exactly y'all had to do.