ACLS certification Houston area

  1. Anyone recommend a good ACLS certification in the Houston area, or maybe online? Anyone else wants to do it with me? I'm from the north side of town. haha. Just recently passed my NCLEX and looking for jobs. I'm hoping having an ACLS certification will give me a booster on my application.

    thanks guys!
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  3. by   Hung
    I am in the exact same position as you are. Graduate and passed NCLEX and trying to do extra certification to help me land an interview lol. Im from Houston too. I would stay away from online courses cause they aren't accredited by AHA and thats what hospital look at. You have to be in a 2 day class for 6 hours and skills check list which im dreading.
  4. by   HouTx
    I believe that the PP is mistaken, AHA has definitely had online courses for a few years now. PALS is also online, and NRP is available via a hybrid model, with the didactic online. In fact, many facilities in my organization now utilize online courses only for these certifications - they have phased out the traditional (classroom) course. Simply Googling for this information will result in many providers in the Houston area.

    Many of our participants feel that the online versions are superior to classroom training - they are more exacting, provide more opportunities for 'practice', and (of course) are absolutely consistent; you never have to deal with shortcuts or problems due to an inattentive or tired instructor.

    FYI, not all hospital nursing positions require ACLS certification. If they do, the employer will provide training resources.