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I've read on here about col, pay etc..but what's the city like? Nice place to live? I know a lot of music stuff, is it safe? Clean? Bad traffic? Friendly people? Vida... Read More

  1. by   oftimeandspace
    You're welcome! I hope you get the job.
  2. by   LoveANurse09
    I too am looking to move to Nashville. I checked out Vandy's website and fell in love! I'm looking to go into L&D or NICU, anyone working at the children's hospital? I wish I wasn't too experienced for the nurse residency program it looks amazing. Does anyone know of houses outside the city with acreage?
  3. by   oftimeandspace
    How far out of Nashville are you looking? There's the close suburbs of Antioch, Franklin, and Brentwood. Antioch is kinda....not so nice sometimes, Franklin is nice and growing really rapidly but I don't know about homes with acreage, and Brentwood is expensive (from what I've heard from college friends, so don't quote me on that.)

    There's small towns scattered throughout Williamson and Davidson Counties- Greenbrier, Goodlettsville, Mt. Juliet, Hendersonville, and so on. They offer a good mix of rural living if that's what you're after, but I don't know anything about them.

    Further south is Columbia, which has like 35,000 people and is the mule capital of the world (seriously, it's their claim to fame; they even have a parade for it every year). I have friends from there who owned a house with acregage for horses that was around $160,000, I think. However, it's about 45 miles south of Nashville, so there is quite a commute involved.

    I grew up in Murfreesboro, which is about 35 miles south of Nashville and is exploding in growth right now. A new shopping center was built in the last two years or so, there's a university in town (MTSU), a pretty good selection of shopping, churches, and so forth. There's alot of real estate around there, and if you're looking for acerage you can always try Smyrna or Lascassas, which are both outliers of the town.

    And I can't really say anything about Vandy, having never worked there (I'm just now starting nursing pre-reqs), but I did volunteer there for awhile and pretty much all the nurses I talked with were happy with their lot. It's really good for experience, but I don't think the pay is the greatest in the region.

    I hope this was a little helpful to you.
  4. by   mammac5
    I'm a Vandy student who moved here just for one year for school. I'm from a small town and have never lived by myself in the past. Ever! So I was concerned about safety when looking for an apartment. I really like where I am, which is in the area of Montgomery Bell Academy, St. Thomas Hospital, etc. and only 3 miles from the parking garage that students use. It is a very safe area of town and close to everything I need...and not inhabited only by college students, which was important to me.

    There are some really nice apartments just from the University in the Hillsboro Village area where my friends live. Expensive, but they can walk to all their classes and most of their clinical assignments.

    Good luck!
  5. by   Dalton
    Vandy is fine if you're a new grad desperate for your first job. Actually Vandy prefers to hire new grads since their pay is so low. For nurses with experience there are other hospitals in the area which pay much more. Also the parking situation is appalling at Vandy. Can't imagine employees having to pay to park! We weren't impressed at all with Vandy as a place of employment.
  6. by   squantojones
    Heard from the husband of a nurse at Vandy saying they do pay the lowest out of all hospitals in the area. I have also heard if you are looking to use it to launch your career, that hospitals around the country know vandy so it looks good on your resume.

    Cost of living in Nashville is VERY cheap compared to other parts of the country. When I first graduated I got a 2 bedroom apartment that was 1200 sq ft for $850 in Bellevue (about 15 mins west from Vandy). It all depends on where you want to live, but even the places close to Vandy are inexpensive compared to other cities in the US.

    Traffic does suck, but that is if you are going north or south towards downtown in the morning, and away at night.