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  1. Becky8

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    [color=#002060]i wrote to them and they said : winter 2011 cohort dates for posting the program position: 8/2/10 with a deadline of 9/17/10. program start date is 1/31/11. hope that helps! good luck
  2. I will be interviewing for a vascular access service in a large hospital. I am excited about the idea and have been reading about this specialty. But I have never had the opportunity to see first hand what a nurse's day looks like in this specialty. I have seen IV's placed in the clinical setting and drawn bood. Can someone please give me a feel for what it is like? Thank you
  3. Becky8

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    I was on the wait list for adult medical/surgical. Did anyone get in on the wait list? I got an email saying that there was nothing now but they would keep me on the wait list until the start day of July 12th. I was just wondering if anyone got in or were all the slots taken? Thanks.
  4. Becky8

    Advice on how to handle extreme anxiety

    The very best to you. And hang in there, we always need nurses that really care to be as good as they can be. Whatever you learn from this will help in your patient care for sure. Sincerely and with best regards!:redbeathe
  5. Becky8

    Advice on how to handle extreme anxiety

    I was the same way my freshman year. Did not know how to go at half speed and sleeping very little. I combined relaxation techniques, with prayer and an occassional use of xanax. I was afraid it would make me foggy but it did not. My doc prescribed 0.25mg and sometimes I cut that in half just to take the edge off. It is a benzo so something not to rely on all of the time unless your doc thinks so. For me, getting a year under my belt, really examining what was truly important (learning every little thing perfectly or a compromise that I could live with), asking for help from friends and family, seeing my doc, listening to soft music, exercise, breathing...............a little bit of everything helped me rise above the chaos in my head and get some perspective. I would speak with an instructor you trust and get some guidance. Countless students have been in your shoes. I was able to get a lot of comfort and encouragement through this thread and thoughout allnurses.com. Know you are not alone and that you can get through this. You may not think so, but it is true. Learning to help yourself is a wonderful step to learning how to take care of your patients. I also researched anxiety and physiologically, as you become more and more anxious, you become more and more unable to observe, collect and retain information. It can really make one foggy. The meds available now, can help without the fog, or becoming uninhibited. It really helped me. I don't use xanax every day, and now, I can go to clinicals without anything and be fine. I have never slept very well before a clinical though, so I try to compensate by making sure I get a good night's sleep two nights before. And if you can't sleep, just try to relax, lisiten to calming music, pray, use EFT, any tool that helps you unwind. Good luck and don't be fearful of asking for more help here or from docs, friends, classmates, instructors, anyone. Best of luck and God bless. You cann get through this!
  6. Becky8

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

  7. Becky8

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    I received an email today that I am on the alternate list. They will contact the alternates by April 15th if there are any openings left. I was in the Adult Med Surge Track. Good Luck to all!
  8. Becky8

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    One of my classmates who went for Critical Care got her rejection email today. So there must be some decision making going on. Good luck to all!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Does anyone know about the VA nurse residency program in Dallas? Is that VA hospital a good place to start./work? I will be graduating in May and worked as a student nurse at a VA in New England. I loved the poulation of vets. I want to get out of New England though and Dallas is a lot warmer than New England! Thanks for any info.
  10. Becky8

    inpatient hospice facility question

    Since I feel very certain that I would like to be a hospice nurse, (I work as a hospice lna now and love it), I thought it would be helpful for me to start in an inpatient hospice unit and eventually work as a home care hospice nurse. It seems the only sane path to where I want to go. My only other alternative seems to be med surge or a nursing home, both of which are fine, but not where I would want to end up. I want to get the experience, but not working where I would rather not. Any words of wisdom? Of course, in this economy, I will do what I need to do.............Thank you
  11. Becky8

    New Grad

    I am currently working as a hospice lna for a visiting nurse service. I have known even before I began nursing school (I graduate in May) that my dream job was to be a Hospice RN. But even where I work, they said to get a year under my belt at a nursing home or hospital before I could work there.............it is very true about getting the experience. I have been looking on line for hospitals that offer hospice in house...........We are willing to relocate anywhere south or west of New Hampshire......does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you so much for your help. I know that one way or the other I will end up in hospice for nursing.........it is just a matter of how I will get there in this economy! God Bless and have a wonderful new year!
  12. Becky8

    Any hospital hiring new grads? anywhere in the country?

    Thanks for your reply. This forum and all the nurses and soon to be nurses have been wonderful sharing information, especially now when things are getting tough. I will look into Texas and see what that brings! Happy New Year!
  13. Becky8

    Any hospital hiring new grads? anywhere in the country?

    This is a wonderful thread and I am really grateful for all the information. It seems like Texas is a hot spot for RN's.....is there a particular reason that there are more jobs there than elsewhere? I can live anywhere and am willing to relocate, just wondered what the down side was besides the heat and humidity? Anything I am missing? Thanks a bunch and good luck to all!
  14. Things are tough in NH as well.
  15. Becky8

    Best Hospital for New RN Graduates?

    I am graduating in May and can and will relocate anywhere...............Some of the hospitals mentioned, I am not familiar with or what state they are in. I am in NH right now. Can you clarify where some of these hospitals are? And do they mind someone moving from far away? Thanks!
  16. Becky8

    Need study and organization tips

    Hi there. Now take a deep breath and try to relax. We have all been right where you are now, and even though you may not believe it, you will figure out how to get through it. I am just finishing up my first year of a 2 year program and can't believe how far i have come. Use the search engine on this forum and there is tons of information on all kinds of study tips............I found one after my second test in my first semester that totally turned my grades around. But I was overwhelmed and scared as you are feeling right now. And now, I don't even really get nervous for tests......I know I have studied and call it good. Be gentle on yourself and remember to breath! Good luck and enjoy the ride!