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Vol State/TSU Nursing Program

  1. 0 I am currently study at Vol State getting my pre-req's for nursing. Their nursing program is teamed up with TSU on the Vol State campus. I have heard some good things and I have heard some bad things about their program. I was wondering if anyone on here either has been through their program or knows someone who has. I would greatly appreciate it!!!
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    I've been looking into that program too. I keep going back and forth between that program and just going to Cumberland...but its too expensive.
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    Well I have been researching it and apparently TSU has an NCLEX pass rate of 78% and I assume that goes for the Vol State program too since it has TSU instructors. Then that makes you wonder the quality of education they give with a pass rate that low. Now I'm looking into Motlow State CC. I've heard good things from them and their pass rate is 99%. I've had a handful of friends go to Cumberland and they have a GREAT program but almost $10,000 a semester is outrageous! My thing is when I got out of school and have $5,000 in loans and you have over $60,000 and I make almost the same as you (since ADNs only make like 25 or 50 cents less an hour and hospitals are just as likely to hire someone from a public school as a private one).
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    I looked at the motlow program too since due to the success rate. My friend went to check it out and she said that some of the classrooms were with a virtual teacher she you may have to drive from campus to campus sometimes in the same day. My gpa is at a 3.3 so I am concerned that cumberland would be the only one to accept me. Since everything in this area is so competitive. I really do not want to pay $50,000 just for nursing school. I heard Nashville state also has a program but its newer.
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    Well right now my GPA is close to yours but I am just retaking all my classes this semester to bring it up as high as I can get it. Plus I have a year and a half of CNA experience which hopefully make my resume look a little better! I'm not even attempting to go to MTSU I know its ridiculous how competitive it is there. I just don't think I could handle the through of having that much in loans for the same program I could get for cheaper! Trying to find a good school is so difficult! I have a friend who goes to Tenn. Tech's nursing program and loves it!
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    I know people who had 3.8 gpa and couldn't get into TTU...which is why a lot of them went to Cumberland and MTSU is just as competitive. I have been stressing about which program for a while now.
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    I did some additional research and TSU is out of the question due to how BON has ranked them.
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    There is noting wrong with TSU. They are part of the Tennessee Board of Regnants along with MTSU, ETSU, Austen Peavy, University of Memphis andTenn. Tech, . TTU is considered the best of the 6 and TSU is considered the worst but realistically none of them are Harvard and at the end of the day, you will still be an RN. Why even consider going to bellmont and spending 30 grand to be an RN when you can be the same thing so much cheaper. I could see if you were trying to get a job at duke medial center but more than likely you are going to work in your area. you would be a RN working along side of the bellmont and vany RNS. I am a RN but went to Walter State, then got my BSN at ETSU, now i am in TSU's MSN program and proud to be accepted.
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    Thank you! I am just worried with their NCLEX pass rate being so low but my sister pointed it out to me that could be influenced by the quality of students that go there. I would just hate to go through nursing school and not be able to pass my state boards. I do agree with its stupid to spend a ton on a private school. I know people that go to Cumberland and get out with 50,000 in loans (or more) and they make the exact same as someone who went to a public college.

    I feel MUCH better hearing someone say something good about their program, I really appreciate it.
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    See http://allnurses.com/tennessee-state...093-page3.html

    I just graduated from the Main Campus TSU ADN program and it prepared me well for the boards. I passed the 1st time, with 75 questions (the minimum to take) in less than 1.5 hrs. I was not an exception. The pass rate should be much higher for this year's class because I don't know of 1 person in my class that has failed. I believe most have taken boards as well. I have a Bachelor's from a Big 10 school, for my previous career, and am not ashamed of attending TSU after all. I believe that those folks that failed the boards the 1st time at TSU were ones that either took boards right after graduating (without doing the studying necessary) or they waited too long after graduation (like the Fall) to take boards.

    As for the "quality of students" at TSU, the students are just like anyone else in Middle TN. Honestly, TSU students are actually probably better prepared for various situations because their labs aren't extremely high-end and don't baby the nursing students. But, the students are still well prepared, from clinical experiences. TSU's standards are the same as other schools in the areas, when it comes to acceptance requirements. In fact, several classmates had 3.9 or 4.0 GPAs (and they were transfer students into TSU). I was personally accepted at Aquinas (only applied to TSU/Aquinas), but chose to go to TSU because of the $. Don't listen to rumors about a school...only go off of 1st-person accounts.

    While nursing school is to help prepare you for boards and to be a safe nurse, you are ultimately responsible for passing boards the 1st time.

    Good luck and let me know if you have further questions.
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    I was accepted into MTSU's program and started in Spring 2012. My GPA was 3.3, HESI score of 86, and my interview score was a 4.0. I also got the optional 0.5 point for work experience (CNA or LPN qualifies). The interview score was a big boost to my overall score. I just want to let you know that it is do able even if your GPA is not the highest. Good luck everyone!! :-)
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    Quote from CrazyGoonLPN
    I was accepted into MTSU's program and started in Spring 2012. My GPA was 3.3, HESI score of 86, and my interview score was a 4.0. I also got the optional 0.5 point for work experience (CNA or LPN qualifies). The interview score was a big boost to my overall score. I just want to let you know that it is do able even if your GPA is not the highest. Good luck everyone!! :-)
    Crazygoonlpn, I would LOVE to pick your brain I just sent off my app to MTSU's SON and I'm a nervous wreck! lol! Does everyone that sends in an application get to interview? And when do they start sending out the acceptance letters for spring? I hope that you aren't offended by my frankness and bombardment with questions. I want to be accepted so badly and this is so important to me!