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This thread is for those who are applying for the nurse residency program at Vanderbilt. I thought this would be a great place to keep up to date Inge selection process and make connections with new friends and colleagues. I am... Read More

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    I'm sending my acceptance letter today!! wooohoo ill prob go down end of June, and i heart West End area is a good place right by vandy.. its def worth it to live near everyhing even though its pricey and we dont make that much, but it will be convenient and fun!

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    So i made it off the waiting list for the Psych track!! I was so not expecting this, so I accepted a pool position where I currently live. I know it would be foolish not to accept Vanderbilt's offer, but I am so dumbfounded by the offer that I don't know what to do!!!
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    How was the interview for the perioperative internship? and how many people did they take in?
    I have an interview in a week, and I'm pretty anxious...any help is appreciated!
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    I am applying to the program for January 2014. Just wondering if any of the current nurse residents can tell me what the current salary is for the NRP program? The salaries listed seem to be several years old and I can't believe it is still $18/hour. It makes a difference whether I stay where I am or accept an offer from Vandy if one comes. I can't work for $18/hour and support my familiy.
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    Can anyone tell me what the starting hourly wage is for the NRP? I have a general idea but would love to know the specifics :-)
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    Any advice for those of us applying for Summer 2014?
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    Hi Pinela. How did it go? I'm from CA too, applied for Summer 2014 Periop.
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    I applied for the Periop. Anyone have info on their panel interview?
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    @CHARLIECHASE, not sure if you will read this message but did you end up accepting the offer or staying with your other job offer. I am applying to the program now, was hoping to be able to talk to someone who applied to the psych track. Thanks! -my email is - Kerry
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    Hi, if anyone has completed or is going through the psychiatric track, I'd be interested in asking a few questions. Thanks

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