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TriStar Centennial New Graduate Positions

  1. 0 I have recently applied for the New Graduate position for TriStar Centennial in Nashville, TN. I haven't heard anything back yet and was wondering if there is anyone out there who has? So far I have applied for multiple positions with TriStar and have not heard back for any of them. Does anyone have advice for how a new graduate nurse should go about finding a job in Nashville?
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    I applied to those as well and have not heard anything. I never hear from them and have been applying since July!
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    I wish I knew someone to contact so they will take me seriously. I didn't realize it would be so hard finding a nursing job.
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    Call the HR department & ask for a nurse recruiter.

    I did that with St Thomas & that's how I ended up finding out about their new grad residency & job fairs.

    I had applied to a ton of jobs at TriStar last summer after I graduated & never once heard back from them. But I didn't really pursue them too much because other hospitals were closer to me.
    Also, check out the VA. They hire new grads. (
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    Thank you for the advice Peppermint_RN. I will most definitely have to check out VA and try calling HR again. I've attempted to call them before but it always tells me they are experiencing a high volume of callers and to call back later.
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    Yeah, never got through to HR either. Left messages and never received any calls back!
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    And I didn't realize it would take so long either. Like I said, I have been applying since July. I tried all the hospitals in Nashville with never any good or bad response :/
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    Just wanted to let you know that Centennial is having a hiring event today from 4-8! It's at the Parthenon Pavilion, it's for psych nurses.
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    I haven't heard anything back from any of the tristar hospitals in the Nashville area. I've applied at all of them. I have tried the VA but no luck so far. I know a few new grads who were hired there and they love it.

    The only responses I've recieved from all the hospitals I've applied to is the VA and State of TN. They both rejected me the first time because I didn't have my license yet...

    If you know of anymore hiring events let us know!!
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    Keep trying! I applied at Centennial over and over again without any response. One day out of the blue I got a call and now I work here. My only advice is don't be picky! It's more important to get experience and then you can move around if you don't like where you are.