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  1. Hello all, I am a new RN with not enough experience for Hospitals in Nashville to seriously consider me for a job. I have recieved my first offer for an RN position on a rehab floor at Richland Place Health Center. This is a long term care facility with a rehab floor attached. I would be working nights on the rehab floor and would have up to 16 patients a shift. I have searched the web for reviews of this facility since I have always heard not so good of things about long term care nursing and have found nothing. I am asking for advice, as a new nurse do you think this would be a great opportunity? Or should I continue searching?
  2. CRU,RN

    TriStar Centennial New Graduate Positions

    Thank you for the advice Peppermint_RN. I will most definitely have to check out VA and try calling HR again. I've attempted to call them before but it always tells me they are experiencing a high volume of callers and to call back later.
  3. CRU,RN

    TriStar Centennial New Graduate Positions

    I wish I knew someone to contact so they will take me seriously. I didn't realize it would be so hard finding a nursing job.
  4. I have recently applied for the New Graduate position for TriStar Centennial in Nashville, TN. I haven't heard anything back yet and was wondering if there is anyone out there who has? So far I have applied for multiple positions with TriStar and have not heard back for any of them. Does anyone have advice for how a new graduate nurse should go about finding a job in Nashville?

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