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    I am applying to nursing school at Southwest Tennessee Community College for the fall 2011 class. I am currently taking A&P II & Micro, and have already taken A&P I earning a "B". I've taken Nutrition (A), Stats (B), and my GPA is about a 3.12. My NLN is scheduled for December 8th. Where do I stand? I'm worried I may end up with an A in Micro and a B in APII... If I have B's in all my pre-reqs will it ruin my chances of acceptance? Does anyone know what the lowest accepted scores for the fall/day program have been in the recent past? I'm driving myself crazy, knowing I don't have many options otherwise (I re-took both A&P's while at U of M-Labs made A's not so good in lecture portion and its my understanding that I'm automatically disqualified @ U of M for retaking 2 sciences)...I'm 30 years old and so ready to get this show on the road. Any advice, info, and/or suggestions are readily welcome. Thank you so much!

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    Really? Disqualified from University of Memphis? I think your scores are great to get into Southwest. Just get above a 100 on NLN and I think you will have a good chance-the higher the better of course. It really depends on everyone's scores you are competing. They accept more students in fall, so it is less competitive. Try Dyersberg state or NW Mississippii as well. I would also try for the University of Memphis. Don't give up!
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    Thank you for that little boost of confidence, and reassuance. It seems like every post I've read for STCC scores, people have All A's in their pre-reqs, and a 4.0 GPA, and a 160 on the NLN... Well of course that will ensure acceptance-its perfect criteria! I am praying that even if I have 3 B's it will work. It seems like every school has different criteria(criterion?) for acceptance. It makes it difficult, given the deadlines, to meet all in order to apply to multiple schools. I sure don't want to wait another whole year... Thank you so much for taking the time to post and encourage!
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    As Dixielo said, you are fine. I know folks who got in with a few C's. Again, it all depends on who you are competing with and how well they have done.
    And you are right about the deadlines being screwy. I was really waiting on SW to call me first but another school replied faster so I went with it-and their deadline for acceptance was way before SW even called me. I CAN'T SAY WHICH SCHOOL BECAUSE IT IRRITATES CERTAIN PEOPLE THAT I AM EVEN ON HERE! But I was waiting on SW up until a few weeks ago. My major factor was cost and didn't want to dive in the MSN program not knowing what I was getting into! SW is cheaper but since you can't work full-time realistically, you will need assistance with day-to- day expenses like gas,food, and a tent. So that is why I went to THE OTHER SCHOOL!
    And each school does have different criteria. IMO, SW has a good setup so a person knows what to achieve to get in. With UT, UM, etc. it is a cum G.P.A. and a grade of C or higher in sciences with the disclaimer that those are the minimum requirements but to be competitive you need ....
    And people for some reason need to let everyone know their NLN score and grades- I guess it is good for people to get some idea of what is needed to get in, but I think you have an excellent chance! What are your thoughts on getting a BSN?
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    Thanks! I'm planning on continuing with my BSN. I even already have all my undergrad classes finished at UM, but I re-took A&P I and II science courses (did fine in labs, not in lectures) which, from what my advisor said, disqualified me from the U of M program-you can only re-take 1 science pre-req once? So, unless I want to REALLY backtrack and got o Baptist (where most of my UM undergrad classwork will not apply, and having to take a bunch of their classes instead), my only option really is to attend SW and get my AAS and then go back to Memphis and do the RN-BSN program. It sucks.
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    Don't worry Girlshunt2 you are on the right track. I didn't do too well in undergrad as far as gpa-a little under a 3.0. And when I decided to start my prereqs for nursing school I went to U of M to see an advisor and she told me to not even try for their program. She said I would need to try a community college. She asked me if I partied all the time in undergrad!lol Anyway, I went to SW and made all A's in the prereqs and got a 148 on my NLN. I applied to U o M and took the TEAS and scored 90%. I just wanted to try. U of M sent their letter of acceptance 2 weeks later so I accepted. SW just called me last week-I wasn't really sure if they would ever call me because U o M's deadline for acceptance was Oct.28.
    My point is that you should apply to UoM. Baptist also called me but like SW it was too late. To be honest, you are probably better off going to SW. You can get a job and then get your BSN and have wherever you work pay for the rest of your education.
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    msturn- my thoughts exactly. Get to work and then continue education via employer. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I wouldn't mind going on an applying to UM but I don't think I can bc I've retaken API and now retaking APII-can only retake 1 science is what I understand? I'm 30, and I'm ready to get this show on the road. Really, I've just now become serious about it... It not that I couldn't make better in my science pre-reqs too-I know I could've/can. Past year and a half, lost job, moved 3 times, mom had breast cancer... Now, I'm really ready to do this, but I feel like I've screwed up- even SW. I should have A's, now I have a B in API, think I may end up with an A in APII (hopefully), and as for micro... I just got a test score that, if I don't do extremely well on the next 2 tests, I'm gonna have a C??!-yes I have that dreaded teacher you mentioned in another thread-awful tests. I don't know where I stand. An A,B,& C- doesn't seem like I have a chance. I need to start next fall 2011 so bad, or I'll end up waiting another year (can't do the night wknd prgm as of right now)...
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    Quote from girlshunt2
    msturn- my thoughts exactly. get to work and then continue education via employer. thanks for taking the time to answer. i wouldn't mind going on an applying to um but i don't think i can bc i've retaken api and now retaking apii-can only retake 1 science is what i understand? i'm 30, and i'm ready to get this show on the road. really, i've just now become serious about it... it not that i couldn't make better in my science pre-reqs too-i know i could've/can. past year and a half, lost job, moved 3 times, mom had breast cancer... now, i'm really ready to do this, but i feel like i've screwed up- even sw. i should have a's, now i have a b in api, think i may end up with an a in apii (hopefully), and as for micro... i just got a test score that, if i don't do extremely well on the next 2 tests, i'm gonna have a c??!-yes i have that dreaded teacher you mentioned in another thread-awful tests. i don't know where i stand. an a,b,& c- doesn't seem like i have a chance. i need to start next fall 2011 so bad, or i'll end up waiting another year (can't do the night wknd prgm as of right now)...
    girlshunt2....i wanted to give you some words of encouragement if i may. first let me tell you, i am 35 years old and will just start the nursing program in the spring. one thing that you must have to stay positive and confident at all times. i do understand that when dealing with nursing school the past does matter somewhat. but that's the is the past! you have to let that go and shine right now and in the future.

    it is not too late to prove yourself especially if this is what you really want. the reason i am responding to you is because you remind me of myself a few years ago. i knew that i wanted to go into nursing but i wasted so many years worried about the screw ups in my past college experiences. as i have stated in another posted, i started this journey in january of this year.

    i hadn't been in a classroom in over 15 years but i just looked inside of myself and said enough with the "what i did in the past". i am going to prove what i am capable of now and that's exactly what i did to get to where i am trying to go for the future. just know that nursing school is not going anywhere and i feel like you should take the time to focus on what you are doing today.

    i am totally rooting for you and i know you will be successful. just remember to stay positive in everything that you do from this day forward and i promise it will pay off!!!
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    I lost my job as well a few years back as well. Took the easy route in college and got a business major. I always figured I would have a job with a degree but was oh so wrong. My father died during my last years in college and I had to help my grandmother care for him and knew I wanted to get into medicine or nursing. But like you I kept thinking my past gpa in school wouldn't let me pursue what I wanted to do. It was really tough when I did make the decision to go back into nursing to be told my gpa wouldn't get me in the schools of my choice. I figured being 33 I was past my prime to go into medicine and the next best choice was nursing. I decided at that point that I would not accept any less of myself and deserved to go where I wished. I went to take these pre-req classes with the mindset that anything less than an A was unacceptable. Believe me all of my high school and college grades were just average. If I can do it you can. Now the hard part will be here in 6 weeks-NURSING SCHOOL.
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    I had to chime in on the "dreaded professor". I thought his class was cake but he had the attitude of a billy goat. Still two semesters later, I can hear the words "cook it till it's dead" ringing in my ears. hehe

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