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  1. Dixielo

    Transferring to Southwest From Union University

    I believe you will do well. I am about done with the first semester and if you can handle a little attitude and arrogance from faculty along with teaching yourself 90% of the material then you are ready. I am getting good grades so far, not in the beginning, because it is an adjustment to learning styles. Also, I wanted to do more exciting clinical work. Being at a nursing home cleaning up accidents is not my idea of cutting edge learning. BUT, I will do anything to help our elders, because I believe that is just as important to understanding what nursing is about as anything else. Be prepared to have a paper, presentation, HESI exam, and foundations exam all within a week-like I am doing this week! It's crazy. I think anywhere is hard though. Good luck
  2. Really? Disqualified from University of Memphis? I think your scores are great to get into Southwest. Just get above a 100 on NLN and I think you will have a good chance-the higher the better of course. It really depends on everyone's scores you are competing. They accept more students in fall, so it is less competitive. Try Dyersberg state or NW Mississippii as well. I would also try for the University of Memphis. Don't give up!