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:confused: I am applying to nursing school at Southwest Tennessee Community College for the fall 2011 class. I am currently taking A&P II & Micro, and have already taken A&P I earning a "B". I've taken Nutrition (A), Stats (B),... Read More

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    Quote from Xandar
    I had to chime in on the "dreaded professor". I thought his class was cake but he had the attitude of a billy goat. Still two semesters later, I can hear the words "cook it till it's dead" ringing in my ears. hehe
    LOL, you're so right. "Cook it till its dead". Oh dear. I actually enjoy his class. And I've done great on all the tests and quizzes that are fill in the blank. I never thought I'd say it, but its the multiple choice exams that are screwing me up. I've done awful on them.

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    Hey Nikki,

    Just wanted to let you know i did get your message. I cant reply back until you delete some messages out of your pm box.

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