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Relocating to Nashville

  1. 0 I will be relocating to the Nashville area in March. I am currently an LPN graduating from an RN program in March and have 10+ years experience in Rehab/LTC as both a floor nurse and manager. I am looking for any information anyone can gove as to the Rehab/LTC scene, what the pay range is, good facilities, and if there are better opportunities in another venue? Also if anyone has any info on the apartments Nashboro Village? Thanks!!
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    Bethany Health and Rehab is a great facility with a 5 star rating and high standards. :-)
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    I did some clinicals at Bethany. It was pretty good. Really nice people. Most of the LPNs I know work for agencys or the VA.
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    My grandfather was there a Few weeks after a knee replacement. Very happy with his care.
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    I am not sure if you have signed a lease yet. I havent heard much about Nashboro Village. I know a lot of the apt complexes around nashville if you need any help.