Relocating to Nashville and need advice!!!

  1. Hello,
    My husband is transferring to Nashville from Ohio with for work. We have a son and two dogs (one of them is big) We want to buy a house but first we need to find something to rent for 3-6 months in the mean time. any apartment/condos that are recommended? we need something that would be good for the dogs.

    My next problem is I am graduating from a PN program in Ohio in September and I will be taking the NCLEX in Ohio and transferring to Tennessee. I have already been looking for jobs but I would love some advice about where to look especially because I plan on going on for my RN and would LOVE to find some where that will help pay for that. I noticed that Vanderbilt hires LPN's but does anyone know if they hire new grads and if so do they help pay for your school? Also is it hard to get on there? Because I know that a lot of hospitals don't hire LPN's anymore and when they do it's usually because someone knew someone and got them on there (LOL). I just need advice in general about jobs for an LPN.

    Also any other added advice about moving to Nashville would be great!

    Thanks so much!!!
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  3. by   readyforachangenow
    I'm not in nursing school yet but I am from the middle Tennessee area. I know two people that work at vanderbilt and from what I understand they are one of the few hospitals that still hire LPNs. Some of the other hospitals around Nashville do not hire them anymore or willing be stopping soon. They are also not hiring as many new grads anymore...not to say its not impossible. I highly doubt they would pay for RN school, but I could be wrong. So many people want to work there so its one of the lower paying hospitals as well.
  4. by   CrazyGoonRN
    I know that Bethany Health and Rehab will also help pay for your school after 1 year and they do hire new grads.
  5. by   NurseGrape3000
    Nashville is a great city. I am an LPN and am starting to work towards my RN this fall - lots of opportunity for work, school, and everything else in between. I also have two boys - there's great things for kids to do, and we've met a lot of really awesome and supportive friends.
    I transferred my license from NY and the TN board is really helpful.
    What else.. we've only been here 2 years, but love it here. PM me if you need! I am looking at going back to work PT as an LPN next summer or fall while I finish school. I haven't been working, but I've been volunteering at Vandy Childrens for the last year and everyone I've met there is also really friendly and helpful. The Vanderbilt community is HUGE, but I am sure if you emailed them with questions they would help you.
    Good luck! I haven't met anyone who doesn't like it here!