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    I recently graduated as an RN and was wondering if anyone could tell me the base pay for a new grad RN at Southern Tennessee Medical Center in Winchester? I'd like to move up there and have put in several applications with no reply, but I would still like to know a base pay if anyone can come up with an estimate.

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    I'm looking for a job in the Winchester, TN area. Specifically Southern Tennessee Medical Center and I'm wondering about how much a new grad RN starts out at this hospital. Any estimates from someone in the area would help a lot!!
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    I don't know about that particular hospital, but average is about $20-$22 an hour not including differentials.
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    I'm not sure about that hospital but in the Nashville area I think the average for new grads is $20-23/ hr. that may give you some kind of an idea of the pay.
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    Thanks, yall!
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    that's about 35-40 grand a year. kinda low. 20 dollars times 36-40 hour workweek. hours in a work week times 2. times that by number of times in a month you get paid. times that by number of months in a year you get paid.

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