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My husband and I are looking to move from Tampa to Nashville, TN and I am curious as to which hospitals are the best to work for and what I can expect in pay (approx.). I currently have 4 years as LPN and 4 years as RN (1yr... Read More

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    Nurse registry is just another word for float pool. Basically, you're a prn nurse who only works at the Vanderbilt hospitals, and you float to any floor you're qualified for. (You'll usually stay there for the whole shift.) Like all PRN, you can get called off, there are no benefits, but you pick your own shifts, etc.
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    When I first came to Nashville I interviewed at Baptist, Centennial, and Vanderbilt. They are all great options but I took the Vanderbilt offer and I love it here. I have also heard good things about Centennial and the Ob at Baptist. The pay rates were similar at all three.