Chattanooga State LPN program

  1. I'm starting the program in January and I'm receiving a pell grant to pay for tuition and books. Class starts on the 14th but we can't get our books until the 19th. I always buy my books ahead of time so that I can be prepared for the first day of school so this is a huge issue for me.

    I don't know for certain that the books haven't changed but I'm looking for current students or recent grads that have the books. I don't want to purchase them, I'd like to borrow them for a few weeks. OR, the books come with "electronic versions", I'm not even sure what that means. I'd like to download the electronic versions or borrow the CD ROM, whatever is used.

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  3. by   LPN_thts_M3
    I just graduated in August and the books change alot. The CD that your are referring to can only be bought and you have to buy a bundle of books because the CD is only for certain books. I kno you want to get yor books early but it might be best to wait so you can determine books you dont actually need, i.e A&P or books you wont need til 2nd semester.
  4. by   dee78
    Thanks. I was just hoping to read a little before school starts but I guess I will have to wait. I want to do the bundle just because I want the CD versions for those that are available. I don't have to buy the A&P book but if I'm sitting in class, I'd like to have it to follow along.

    Can you tell me a bit about the actual class? Do they use PowerPoint? Do they give you PowerPoint handouts? Or is it mostly lecture out of the book that you have to take your own notes?
  5. by   jrw03282009
    What does your book list look like? I can see what I have... I doubt you want to do the ebooks unless you have a very reliable laptop. I just finished my first semester and WOW there was a LOT of reading...

    I am buying my books online. i spent almost $1000 on books last semester. I am almost down to $200 just from shopping around.
  6. by   dee78
    Yeah, the ebooks are just for when I want to just relax in bed and read. I will get the books when the pell grant pays for them. Thankfully, I am going through the career center and they are paying for everything, after the pell grant pays out.

    That's the booklist, I still haven't found out which ones I need on the first day of class. I sent an email to Dixie and asked her to forward it to the instructors, if she doesn't know which ones we need.
  7. by   LPN_thts_M3
    You know what they told us to bring all our books the first day so I lugged close to 20 books and I am telling you it was UNNECCESSARY. Be careful with that bundle because their are books you might not need in there. Some folks were highly upset when they decided to buy books ahead of time and found out later they couldnt buy the disc separately. You will have to do ALOT of reading indeed. Oh and remember that ebook does not correspond to all your books.

    Oh and if it hasnt changed if you dont have to take A&P you will not have to sit in the classroom. Dont waste your money. You wont be tested on it so there is no need to follow along unless you really want to. The year was such a blur. I don't even know where to start. Just go in ready to go cause' they hit the ground running. The end of my first semester I counted up 50....50 TEST and QUIZZES. This mind you may vary. Good Luck and don't worry so much about your books they will definitely inform you on day 1.
  8. by   dee78
    Thanks. I can't wait to start. I took the 6 weeks A&P2 course during the summer, I'd say it's a pretty good prep on how fast things will go and how much information has to be covered in a short period of time.

    They did say that we have to attend class regardless because we have to clock so many class hours. I think we are allowed to miss 7 days for the year.

    I'm going to go ahead and get the bundle, even if they are just for reference I'd like to have them. It would be nice if you could get the discs separately but they are in the $$$making business.
  9. by   LPN_thts_M3
    Oh you will definitely be there but they would sit you in another class or area to "study". They rarely let you just not show up for any reason. Hold the days cuz come last semester well you remember senior-itis?? didnt hear that from me tho
  10. by   dee78
    Well that would be nice...extra study time is ALWAYS good.

    I made the rounds today. I got my shots at the health dept, my physical and tb skin test at a walk in clinic, and then my drug test at a suggested location. Saturday I will have the tb site looked at and documented then Monday I'm taking my first aid class. After that I'm DONE with all of the extra stuff we have to do.
  11. by   lexie'smama
    Hey ladies, just finished my first semester up and now on month long Christmas Break! It is pretty hard and a lot of extra studying at home! Especially if you have to take A & P. And they no longer allow you to go out of the classroom if your exempt. The ones who are exempt had to stay in the classroom during lecture and were allowed to work on other things because you will have other subjects going on at the same time, such as fundamentals, vocational relations and pharmacology. But when they take the Nutrition or A&P tests, you can go study elsewhere.
    Also, on the powerpoints u asked about, the two instructors teaching styles are very different , but both good. One will give you exactly what you need to know in her notes on powerpoint. This will almost always be what all is on the test. The other, will read from the book and tell you to highlight if she states that it is important. she does some powerpoint , but it is mostly an outline of the chapter.
    They should send you a list of books to take with you first day, but mostly you will be using the Rosdahl textbook of basic nursing and the A & P and Nutrition if you are taking those. The biggest thing for us was getting through the anatomy with everything else we were trying to learn at the time and also the drug calculations at the end of the semester because you have to make an 81 on the test. But they make it easy to understand and want you to succeed. i made a 100 on it so it is passable. Everyone actually passed it. We did lose a few people the first semester and it was from nutrition.
    Good luck and feel free to ask any more questions you may have!
  12. by   dee78
    Thank you so much for the information!!!

    I'm so glad I'm exempt from the A&P and Nutrition. I bought both books so that I can follow along. The dosage calculations test does worry me but I know that for me it's just a matter of slowing down.

    Hey, one question, did anyone use a PDA? I have one and I've downloaded several applications onto it and I'm hoping to be able to use it.
  13. by   xbebecx
    Hi all.
    I was just wondering where I can find information about chattanooga state's LPN program on their website. I can't seem to find any info. Also, how can a CNA become an LPN? Is there a transition program? Thank you.
  14. by   dee78
    There isn't a transition program for CNA to LPN.