Calling all Southwest Tennessee Community College FALL 2013 Hopefuls!!

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    Since the last few classes have had a forum for their applicants, I figured I would start one for anyone applying for the FALL 2013 start! Anyone?!

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    Hi, hope you don't mind if I follow this thread even though Im not applying in the Fall of 2013. I still have to take A&P I & II. I do have 99 credit hours completed and a 3.07 GPA through Northwest. I work full time during the day, so I am interested in talking to folks enrolling in the evening/weekend program. Im also interested in learning about the enrollment process.
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    Of course I don't mind. Are you planning to take AP I & II through Southwest or Northwest? I took AP I over the summer in a mini term and I'll be finished with AP II tomorrow!
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    I'm planning on taking A&P through Northwest because the tuition is cheaper and I can do the class online. I will still have to go to the campus and do the labs. I do need to make sure it will transfer to SW. Are you going to work while in school? This is the part that makes the most nervous. However, my wife is currently working full time at Methodist Hospital and taking the RN to BSN at CBU full time.
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    No, I do not work. I have two toddlers and a husband in the military so he comes and goes. I believe Southwest gives the same tuition rates to residents of bordering counties in MS & AR (DeSoto and Crittenden?) I'm not from here so I'm not positive if those are the names. Southwest offers AP II completely online with interactive labs! It's a really good class and the professor gives you so many resources it's unreal.
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    I did not know that, I will have to check into it. I have not visited the Southwest campus yet because I was planning on getting all my pre-reqs done at NW first, but I do like the idea of taking A&P completely online. Thanks By the way, two toddlers sounds like a full time job to me, ha.
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    The Macon campus is very nice . . The Union campus downtown.. not so much but since the class is completely online you wouldn't have to go to either. It's not all that time consuming, and you have tests every 2 weeks or so. A few small assignments here and there, but tons of opportunities for bonus points. Two toddlers = TWO full time jobs, ha. One just turned 2 and the other turns 3 this week
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    That sounds ideal.... I wonder if they also have A&P I online? I need to call them. My kids are 10 & 16 now, but I still recall the toddler years like it was yesterday. Nowadays, I just get to play referee a lot.
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    I am also taking all my core classes at Northwest. I hope to be applying to the nursing program there and at Southwest Fall 2013. I am nervous about getting excepted though. We will see what happens.
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    Hi everyone. I just passed Adult Health I tonight and I am super stoked. It all still seems so surreal since I was academically dismissed from the program last year. I had to sit out 2 semesters (mandatory) to regroup and find out where I went wrong and figure out a plan to redeem myself.

    I wanted to give some words of encouragement to all of you going into the program this Fall. Continue to stay determined and focused just as you have while taking your pre-reqs and it will be impossible to fail. @ DadRNperhaps....I still work a full time 8-5 M-F job because I have no other choice, so if I can do it trust me, anyone can. If you follow all of my post on here, you will see that I worried the dickens out of so many people with questions about the program and I got alot of great feedback.

    Since this sight has been somewhat of a "saving grace" for me, I will be more than happy to help any of you because I truly want everyone to succeed.

    Take care everyone!!!
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