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Hi! I'm going crazy in suspense waiting to hear if I am accepted or not. Is anyone else trying for the fall 2011 semester at Southwest Tennessee Community College? How are ya feeling? :uhoh3: I'm... Read More

  1. by   tonmcgwn1
    I talked to a man at the book store and he told me that I will recieved a book list in orientation. He also said that alot of people come in and buy all the books on the list and do not use half of them. He told me to wait and find out which book that I will be using and rent them. The way he talk, there is alot of books on that list.
  2. by   scifihippie
    I think they are changing the Foundations book. I saw a new one in the offices a few weeks ago. The instructors of the course had it. If you want a head start, it might not hurt to email the instructor and ask her what book it is so you can read some this summer.
  3. by   grpman
    I have only somewhat looked at the nursing packet, but I do have a quick question. Are we supposed to do the drug test along with the same company that is doing the background check. I may have overlooked specific instructions. Let me know somebody out there...thanks.
  4. by   Memphish
    @grpman - Yes, the same company does the background and drug screen. Once you complete the online application, you will receive an email that contains the form to take to the lab for the drug screen.
  5. by   girlshunt2
    Hi everyone-its been a minute... Been reading about books, background checks, etc. Hopefully, they'll address all these things in the meeting in May. Looking forward to meeting all of you... Ready to get this dull semester behind me and on with the good stuff Glad to see everyone so busy!
  6. by   mamadeux
    Hello Everyone! Girlshunt2 I plan to start on books, background checks, shots etc after this semester guess after the Orientation. I wonder how long we are going to be there for. I am excited can't wait to start!
  7. by   grpman
    I look forward to seeing everyone today at the orientation. That does depend on me being in the right place. I'm guessing this is taking place at the nursing annex. Am I right?
  8. by   butterfly2000
    Looking fwd to todays meeting as well!! It is in the nursing annex building. It's not orientation though, that is in August. Today is just a meeting to answer any questions we all have. See u all there
  9. by   grpman
    Well, it's good to have that meeting under my belt. I picked the clinical for Saturdays to help free up my week. I guess it's time to knock out some of that to-do list that I haven't touched before school starts.

    Oh, it is amusing to see the staff act slightly militant during a question and answer session. Whatever, I'm sure they have their reasons. But it was curious.
  10. by   tonmcgwn1
    Do anyone know the ISBN # for the old Fundamental book? The paper have the 9th edition, however we can use the old edition.
  11. by   mamadeux
    @ grpman, I am with you seems there is a lot of hear say about the program fortunately or isit unfortunately I have never heard anything. I will certainly start the program ready to put my best into it! I just came to terms with how expensive the initial costs are going to be, called the health department about the shots, will have to find out a way to get them done with out losing too much pay at work, I am starting with the background checks at the top of my list. Lets keep ourselves posted!
    In the meantime lets enjoy our last summer , before the program starts.
    oh tonmcgwn1 I checked Amazon by just typing the name of the book, from what was said at the meeting it was better to get the latest edition.
  12. by   sbrbh10
    Yes, it is best to get the latest edition of the books. Congrats to all of you fall 2011ers!
  13. by   girlshunt2
    Is it just me, or is it kinda funny we still don't know who any of us is? I mean name with face... I couldn't help but think about that during the meeting, lol... as I scanned the room trying to see if I could put a username with a character. I had an exam that day, so I was the one who snuck in about 10 minutes late -with brown hair in a orane/coral short sleeve top and jeans, sat next to the door. The meeting went well, I thought. I saw the woman who was answering questions at the meeting at Pearl's Oyster House the other night... didn't dare speak though! Ha, trying to enjoy that summer and all! Hope everyone is doing well!